Rich Lowry, President Trump, Jeb Bush discussed on Mike Gallagher


To think critically and defend the we have a team of professional educators have been helping christian families for almost four decades a much higher percentage of her graduate stay in church compared to national statistics we are anchorage persson schools call three three seven five seven man poon where back of the mike gallagher highlight show recently mike had a chance to sit down with national review editor rich lowry to chat about the president the muller investigation and more here's mike enrich of the highlights yet hey rich welcome back how are you sir good aerial i love the peace erode i cited it extensively the trump presidency isn't nearly as bad as it sounds because sometimes we all need some perspective can you can you reiterate that perspective that you wrote about before we get into the muller stuff about how what the what the trump presidency at what that the trump presidency actually functions operates on a largely separate track from his twitter feed tell us what you mean well and if you all you knew it it it twitter tienlin you'd think we are in the grip of an utterly irrational administration that's lashing out his at his critics every single day and trying to retaliate against them but if all you knew where the official acts and had no idea you know of some of the outrageous statements and some of the outrageous tweets you think well you know ted cruz as president jeb bush re any kind of uh typical republican is president so it suggests to me that trump is fully aware that the the.

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