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Twenty. I'm Michael Brooks the five time award winning majority report. We're broadcasting live steps from the industrial ravaged Guana canal the heartland of America Downtown Brooklyn USA on today's program. The Great Conor Kilpatrick work contributing editor writer for Jackson on his new peace wide. Pete was the type of kid who would unplug the SEGA. If if he was losing we'll talk about the state of the Democratic primary. What all of the infinite numbers of problems with Buddha the judge? There are with conor. Kilpatrick new New Hampshire tracking poll shows Sanders holding a lead breath but Buddha judge closing in probably mostly Biden voters flipping Buddha judge but tightening race Bernie. Sanders raised twenty five million dollars in January with his usual juggernaut of small donors powering the way significant and massive many errors in the Iowa caucuses from the results released on Wednesday. Seems very clear that if we were judging it by the metric that all sensible people should be judging voting who won the most votes Bernie Sanders one Iowa and it also looks increasingly likely that the satellite Cox's will come through through giving him a delegate win as well but well done aces on the DNC brands. I wonder how well Donald Trump and republican state parties across the country will do what the concept of a quality control vote counts really really good. The door opening guys addict sound of o clock and they came up with this thing called quality. Control fascinating shadows. CEOS very sorry for Iowa but sorry to say she will still not disclose the company's funders and the votes are in Democrats holding steady on the impeachment. Mitt Romney crossing the line on one article Bloomberg. Hello hello this. Is Mitt Romney. Bloomberg surrogates have seats on the DNC rules committee and another other powerful example of confidence building through Democratic National Committee. White House threatens to veto Puerto Rico earthquake aid package dockage head of House vote Justice Department over in civil rights investigation into Missouri Prisons and Mississippi Mississippi Pardon me Mississippi prisons. The probably shouldn't Missouri as well hundreds departed from El Salvador had been killed or abused upon their return. According to new report from Human Rights Watch and the Department of Homeland Security has blocked New Yorkers from enrolling in trust the travel program global entry because of New York's opposition to because of New York being the sanctuary city and apparently.

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