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Love this a hell of a story. This woman Schloss was a victim of the holocaust survivor. I mean through camps like Auschwitz, which is extraordinarily survive. Of course, and Frank did not survive. They were both hidden in Amsterdam in various places and both captured and Frank did not survive as I just said interesting she died of typhus by the way in the camp. She wasn't. She wasn't killed by way of the gas chamber. And so this woman Eva Schloss after the aftermath of the kids with the Ziege high and the swastika I made out of those cups. Those beer cups went to see him. And they said we didn't know which is what I originally said. If you remember they didn't appreciate what they were doing. They really didn't get it. And she talked to them. And she said, they got it. And I feel very comfortable. Now, they understand and they should consider what they do. And they are they are. I think she's she said, you know, they don't need punishment. They need education. And I really I couldn't agree more. And it's so you're so far removed from it. They're saying every year, you know, more holocaust survivors, they die. So with them dies the history. If we don't always have like a constant reminder where there's also a whole group of holocaust deniers, and you talk about what the internet can do. And they and they get traction because crazy people now get traction on the internet. And so you're right. It has to be we will. Well, as a matter of fact, when the state of Israel was born one of the basic tenants of the state of Israel is never forget directly related to the holocaust. Hundreds of people gathered for a vigil to honor that unidentified girl found dead along.

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