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They can. They traded up what was it? This around this time they like to move up. They get aggressive. They move on. Yeah, so they traded up for Patrick Mahomes, right? That was roughly mid 20s to ten. Or 11 or something like that. So they could do it, but if Jameson Williams going to the top ten, then I think it's going to be too high for them, right? Yeah. All right. And then I think they're taking key area, and they need a corner. Yeah. I'm with you on that. Bangles need. It's a weird Bengals draft. I don't know if they need guards in the centers. I mean, they signed Kappa and Ted Keras and free agency would have been a great pick for them, but he's not here. This is kind of a freedom pick, right? Like this guy in his best player available to do whatever you want with this kind of thing. Actually. If you're going to go defense, so the other thing I'd say is Tyler Boyd is entering a contract year. They could get ahead of it and take sky more. They could. I like seeing here too for them as well. I'm of course blanking on their safety that they attack this. I just feel like he's very redundant with Jesse Bates. I think so too, but if they don't feel like the Jesse Bates thing is going in the right direction. They feel like they're not going to sign Jesse Bates long term. That could be the direction we go in. All right. Well, so here's the thing. So we're both saying you pick for a year ahead. Would you rather have the right wide receiver then and keep burrow stocks than defense? I just think we've seen a better player. He's a really, really good football player. So this pick, I think it's odd, nobody's calling. I think this pick's going to have tremendous value on the trade market. Yeah. Because you get that 5th year option but right, all of that, so they don't end up trading it. Yeah..

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