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I'm Sandy Colin. 700 wlw dot com. Vice president Mike Pence's chief of staff, Mark Short, has tested positive for Corona virus and his quarantine. So are two other staffers. NBC's Chuck See, Woodson has more. The vice president's office is Pence and his wife tested negative Saturday. Those short and the VP are considered in close contact after consulting with the White House Medical Unit. Pence says his office will keep his schedule under CDC guidelines for essential personnel. Pence has a scheduled Sunday rally in Kinston, North Carolina, Monday. The VP as president of the Senate plans to be there for the expected Supreme Court confirmation votes, and I'm going to be in the chair because I wouldn't miss that vote for the world pensive Saturday night rally in Tallahassee, Florida Chuck's Iverson ABC News. The clock has started in the final process to bring the Supreme Court nomination of Amy Cockney Barrett to the full Senate floor for a vote. The Senate opened for a rare weekend session yesterday. NBC's Michelle Franzen tells us what's next. The confirmation vote for Amy Cockney barrettes nomination for Supreme Court is on the fast track, a full vote scheduled for Monday. Democrats protest Ng the conservative choice and timing, But with few options to block the vote, it's created even more tension and the already divided chamber. Democrats upset that Republicans pushed ahead with the nomination so close to an election a reason GOP leaders used to block former president Obama from movie Ahead with a nomination after Justice Antonin Scalia's death. Michelle Franzen, ABC NEWS, There's a new tropical storm that could threaten the Gulf Coast. Probable Storm Zeta is turning south of western Cuba and could make its way to the Louisiana Gulf Coast. By Wednesday. Forecasters have the storm growing toe a low grade hurricane with landfall somewhere between Lafayette, Louisiana and Pensacola, Florida Xavier has put the 2020 hurricane season in the record books as the 27th named Storm of the Year on Ly the second You're ever to see 27 named storms. Derek Dennis ABC News, Remember for news any time on demand it 700 wlw dot com I'm Sandy Collins news radio 700 wlw.

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