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I can go, you know, how much more thousands of miles more than I can do that. Well, it's it's not really catered towards the every person it's catered towards the business client in the businesses than the time that they need to get a person of, you know, fly person from Seattle up to Vancouver back in the same day because when the city gets to a certain size, nobody on the planet has figured out land traffic. We're we're all citizens up on moan and groan about their public. You know, about their, you know, about the freeways being clogged and everything. Well, we just can't figure it out. No one else on the globe. So you gotta use. You gotta use the air. And then you know, Ilan musk is doing the boring company building tunnels underground. So we got we gotta figure out ways to get people from point eight two point eight point be quickly. So I I'm really fantastic about I'm really excited about this service has been the Kenmore air CEO has said that it's been for the most part it's been profitable for the service in. So I don't I don't forsee discontinuing at all. I see even increasing more because yell just this past month had awarded a National Hockey League franchise. So you're gonna have a lot of Canadians that are probably going to be used flying from Vancouver as well as Victorian down for hockey games back on charter Turner planes. Yeah. For that Kosovo. It's going to be you know, I love. People experiencing seaplanes, more and more. That's a that's a very very good thing. Yeah. What could be more fun to see playing? Well, and you got the experience that I didn't you? Yes. Yes. Courtesy that was your surprise for myself and a few others for the geek fest that was what two years ago. I think wasn't a yes. Yeah. The other thing that's that that set for new services Paine field. There has been a new airport. That's purpose built that's been open for commercial air service.

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