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Here I am. Can't Yeah. Allan Sherman. Absolutely. That's the one. Yeah, but is it but But Mary Anne, is that cheesy song? Or is it just a comic song? Well calling. Mother and father is a little cheesy, isn't it? He could be. Don't pick on our listeners. Michael, That's all we got. Thank you, Mary and keep with Ags Bay Area. How about Tom and Sarah's Soda Springs, New York and Saratoga Springs? If he could read the I'm sorry. Saratoga Springs, where the race is starting Thursday. By the way, beautiful track loves love, Saratoga. It's great. I live here. Well, part of the time because I'm going to become a Florida residents of Cuomo lose another one. But anyway, lend you might remember the day that Henry Aaron Rope. Babe Ruth's record. Okay, playing for a black man playing for the Atlanta Braves, April 4th, 1974. Yeah, I do remember. Help? Yeah, that's it. And if you look at the video, he's congratulated by American Indians as he crossed home plate and full regard. Well, that might have been their mascot wasn't chief knock a homer? Was the Braves mascot. I don't know. But the point is this. Did anybody think about race or or affect personal feelings or I'm offended. Listen, You can't rewrite history. Does that mean everybody in this country is going to change their name any every white man Black man from named Jefferson, Washington or, Well, whatever they're going to change their names. History will hear you, Tom. Let's let's try to thank Tom appreciate the call. We're trying to squeeze in one more. Let's let's try to get Steven Jersey City. What's up, Steve? Good morning and Michael have a bone to pick with your sidekick, Ben Kerman. Um, what do you got, Charlie? Here visiting for lunch. You were screaming Trump of the war minister, and now we will miss you or what you do. Then I could only pray that I think like a moron is written into your contract. I think it is. Yeah, I only state states Name's Dave. Steve. Steve. Steve. I'm cutting you off because let us my good friend and we were We work well together, but I don't want you know, Color's coming up here and Insult England. I'm not going to have it so good bye. I wonder how he got my contract. How did he get a copy of it had that workout and then I'll thank Steve Mean left. Their partners were friends and we get along, but I don't want any one of those kind of insults like that. So forget about the medal to my defense. All right, coming up next, Dr Oz is going to join us. Can schools really re open in the fall? We'll ask The Doc and coming up at 905 will be joined by Broadway star Melissa Errico. I start every day by getting over 10 servings of fruits and vegetables. I consume 31 whole ripened fruits and veggies all at once..

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