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The match you know and then you gotta go home and talk about it and so here we are we are at home we we take it we absorb it um but that's where endless good i'm so glad that you came yeah um to see us because i was like oh share our tie endagered embassy horner an amalgamated aranat amoco ray this morning well i tell you what i tell you are tired this morning i went to bed at three thirty a m m my measure was like ours you're sure that you were going to say like we have to cancel essence i was like that was never an option we lee would end rarer and addison because they will be like so amanda didn't come will mad at him really man we love up next more yes curled to come as non pet owners are eating person who grew up with dogs and pets only staying outside i want to know what is bark box backpacks is pampering for your pet meddling so for all my furby mama's out there means you have a dog or cat but um you know parked parked so if you okay so you know you guys have the we have they beauty boxes there you know the food the food back this bark box is like a good he box a monthly goodie bag service for your pet and you do and unblock thing and i'm trying to tell you guys karma get later bevis hamas various where obama anyway love the timing she really delivering her best thug life and the black box helps or do that so every month the bar box like pop picks them they pick the best all natural treves innovative toys to match the dogs needs which is what i like you put in like your dog's way you know vibe arm has is that right.

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