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Have a hard time saying that word convey for sure You do still partially wearing his priestly attire while doing this, so they were shooting a video. So the trio had a stage lighting set up there. See, they did. They were recording the session with a phone mounted on a tripod. And no, That's not his nickname. That's what the phone was mounted on, had it And then there were he and two of his friends. They're booked on obscenity charges. They're saying it was clearly visible from the street what they were doing. Some people could just be strolling by the person who busted them actually filmed it and then showed it to the cops. Is that Was that what it wass? I write another detail. More detailed story on that Thea. Other thing was The one of the Domine dominate forever can. It's a hard word I don't like, but you don't have any problem spelling in your papa's eyes that she wrote she posted on Twitter the day before, because she's also a porn star. Apparently That she was going headed to New Orleans to defile a house of God. So she posted that just somewhere was sheet one was 22. Is that what you were telling me Josh their ages. One with the porn star was 41. The other Her friend was 23. Yeah. So, um, you may or may not see that, I guess on the evening news, but Probably not all of it to see a part of it. Yes, so until it was they didn't get them. The only reason they got him because you could see it from the street. People walking by could view this and that's where they got him on obscenity. Germs could see it. Other than that. There's a real problem in that town because he's also the chaplain of the local Catholic high school. And he got that job because he had to replace the former chaplain, Catholic priest who got fired and in trouble for sending inappropriate text messages to a student at that high school. So Catholicism's is running pretty hard in Louisiana, and now we go in depth with Josh sees. Yeah, you, man, you got the real deep story there, man. I'm producing apiece for Dateline to bring in Stone Phillips for that Miss Stone, who was Guy, The tall guy, handsome Chris Hansen. Don't you have a seat? Have a seat, have a seat, but cheek for 12 that they would always give some crazy screen name that these guys would be using. You guys want to dio Trump being medically evaluated on live TV next or do you want to talk about Pelosi invoking the 25th amendment? He can never go wrong with Pelosi. Right? Well, supposedly guys, I'm not here to be victimized by kids. A men's club drinking, I'm afraid..

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