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Roosevelt, indisp- lanes to nineteen a gallon added park ridge, the BP had west to we in Delfi, you pay twenty-five. And if you see a lower price, call us at three one two four zero nine four two seven seven WBZ news time for thirty eight traffic and weather together on the eighth. Here's Neil, bulky backups on most of your expressways, tollways, starting on the inbound side of the Edens, pretty heavy fifty two minutes from lake cook. To the Kennedy a delay on the spur westbound off the Edens to the toll plaza the Kennedy thirty two to twenty two in the express fifty two minutes to O'Hare and fifty two in as well. I won ninety a backup eastbound approaching Mannheim, the up on Eisenhower to Mannheim and our to our fifteen to route three ninety inbound heavy as well an hour ten from the three ninety. Point on fifty in for Mannheim. The outbound Stevenson an hour of the tri-state our twenty five to the veterans tollway. One hour in from three fifty five thirty five from the tri-state a crash at Cass avenue in the right lane. Fifty five northbound brake lights from fifty three over two three fifty five the app on Ryan fifty thirty coming in and twenty on the outbound side at Fifty-seven Celso, a twenty minute trip on the outbound Bishop Ford lakeshore drive southbound stacked up approaching north avenue over to Chicago. Northbound Stevenson in spots to Chicago's where you're slowing down. See what slowing down on the tollways? Chris Hubbard spothero, seven eighty tri-state is pretty solid from golf across events. Some Ville bridge into the setting sun, plus a crash mixed in on the left side before ninety then around the two ninety Roosevelt. The forty seven hundred fifty five eighty seconds three toll plaza and approaching ninety five northbound onto ninety ramp. Saint Charles most of the Bentonville bridge approaching one seventy six ninety westbound heavy Meacham to Rowsell eastbound from the tri-state to the Kennedy eight eight west off the Ike out to my. Here's Washington the past fifty nine eastbound fifty three to three fifty five Highland in New York and approaching the merge. Fifty three fifty five southbound slow ran the northwest highway golf the Karmitro plaza Roosevelt Finley the sixty third northbound locals golf to ninety Kirchhoff Dundee lake cook, Chris. Spothero mobile seven heavy traffic on eighty westbound between Kenzi and I fifty seven eighty ninety four eastbound brake lights from Klein over to Broadway on metro rock island trains travelling to and from Joliet. Stopped due to a pedestrian incident in Makina.

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