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In the rest of the restaurant industry in L, a county Like any other county in the state, and maybe any other county in the country. Restaurants closed outdoor dining starting at 10 o'clock tomorrow night. Barbara Ferrer broke the news over the weekend jumped the gun. If you ask the The chair in the L. A county supervisors, Katherine Barker, and she and fellow board member Janice Hahn were against this closure, but Three other supervisors were for it. They agreed with Barbara Ferrer and chronicling the whole day has been christened Carlo CAF. I news. We'll get into the details. Yeah, a lot of joy and chronicling the day. Let's let's start with the after mention supervisor Janice Hahn, and I just want to play this interaction between her and Barbara Ferrer because it was interesting to see the evolution of Supervisor Han on this issue because it seemed as though she was in favor of the order and then turned against the order and was far more outspoken at today's meeting, at least in my opinion, then was Supervisor Katherine Barker, who we heard Ah lot from yesterday on this. S Oh, here she is talking to, um, to Dr Ferrer about why the decision was made around restaurants. Forgive me. This is a little bit scratchy because the sound sucks. And it is also a little bit long. So just stop me if you get bored or not wearing their face. And what would you say to those people who say we are message so far has been wineries, Breweries, restaurants have been complying with safety protocols. It's the backyard parties and gatherings and Dodgers celebrations that have Have made this surge happen, and we're just the easy way out is to sort of shut down outdoor dying because we can't shut down people's patios. Yeah, It's such a good question, And I know I'm well aware of the frustration here. I think for us, it's we have to do both way have to do both. So what she's saying is, except they can't through the patios. Exactly. And that's you Just heard that from Mayor Tourney Act, you know the very similar sentiment, which is There is a lever that they can pull here, which is pulling a restaurant license in violation. Whatever they can't go to your house and pull your deed and say, Well, uh, Here's what's gonna happen. People are gonna get together on Thanksgiving anyway. And the case is air likely to go up. They're going to keep punishing the restaurants. When one of next week it Whatever happens, it's going to be from the private gatherings because there's no more outdoor dining. But then there and keep the restaurant's closed anyway, even though they'll be 0% of the total. I mean, it's crazy. The response to that, and there's another cut. I'm not gonna play because it's just too long from Dr Montu Davis. And it was another question that was posed by again. Supervisor Han kind of playing the role of the questioner today and she asked, you know basically that like why why specifically restaurants beyond just the fact that people as we heard are going to get together in homes and in backyards. And he again pointed to that. That study from the CDC, which showed according to him, that people it was 10 States 11 different health departments on Git was a peer reviewed study from over the summer time that essentially said. Two times the number of people who ended up reporting positive for covert. They were two times more likely to say that they had been to a restaurant, then other places in this fear of the public realm, and that's churches, gyms and parks and, you know, shop your or after a restaurant, and that's the that's. The catch is that we don't have a differential there. A lot of states opened indoor dining, too, especially in the summer. Yeah. Exactly right, and The challenge here. Again. You know, we talked about this earlier. The challenge here and you heard it from Toranaga's well is just kind of walking, as they say, over and over again throughout this pandemic that tightrope and when you look at outdoor dining Part of the reason we're seeing something different. Pasadena versus what we're seeing in L. A county is that Pasadena's a much more manageable jurisdiction. You're only talking about one city. You're only talking about a few neighborhoods, whereas with l, a county you're talking about, you know, again, a county that's bigger than 38. States that stretches from the desert to the sea Mountains, two valleys, whatever you get the drift. And so because of that the question was posed to Dr Ferrer. Well, why don't we just step up enforcement? Why don't we just make sure that these outdoor dining areas are set up the way they need to be set up in order to eliminate the possibility of community spread, and her response was well, we've got you know, thousands of restaurants in this county. That is so big. And we can only hit a certain number per week. And I think the number, she said, was somewhere in the neighborhood vote of about 300. So that stepped up enforcement just practically realistically would not be possible, which is part of what she's used to justify the order six sheets because she is not capable of enforcing her rules. She shutting everyone down. Not just enforcing, but but also in her words, educating so making sure that the I've been so many restaurants on the West side. Everybody is doing everything. Can't do anything more than they're doing. Don't know where she She's looking Not on that side of town, and I've got Break out for the ZIP code I live in Most days this year, there's been 01, or two cases a day. He's not even a significant virus. In the area where I live, and the restaurants are going out of their minds, trying to keep everything sanitary. There's just there's just zero evidence that this is necessary. And that was the line that was presented by Katherine Barker and and by Janice Hahn today, But ultimately, the other three supervisors decided to keep in line with what the public Health Department had ordered and was recommending. And you know, there's there is a lot of haziness as that. Just how far the board can go again. Like I had people from the board telling me that they could not overturn The order from the public Health Department. But there were also examples of that having happened already in Riverside County. For example, Over the summer time there was a massive meeting. It was like an eight hour meeting, and it ended with the Board of Supervisors voting unanimously to rescind a public health order that had been put up regarding schools so I'm not sure if this is a county by county thing, or if this is a state thing or how it should be..

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