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You know stay classy i mean we have just that and then approved on kids on can you imagine my gosh yes we can you imagine your eight year old going to school but which goes back to the they held monkey shirt like on pace look at an engage in an normally out of my big mouth about everything but that was one thing i in engaging because his mother you know approved of it but now that i'm looking at this it's like are you guys in your kids are who yawns industry because we know that happened that's our pedophilia happens so or are they just taking pictures and then digitally putting the shirt on them so the parents don't know but still lie we we we go from monkeys to slave were it also raises the question that you just you know you'd touched on there for for brief roma toy is our some people expressing their bigotry through their children in in but i mean you've got those helicopter little league parents that are living vicariously through their brats and soccer kept players and football and and family mom was the day the dance team mom and the homecoming queen merdza it's okay to have your kids doing these things but if that's your geared that the basis of uh you know your existence soon don't get me started on the debate over aginast of young girls f discuss data i'll go all zhaobin aaa on your royal my gosh that lady what's her name on the one that petty ramsey now the one that's going to jail oh yeah oh my gosh she was telling her students to you have to beat the debt diw you have to dance like this you have to pretend you make it alpha among the little girls were like at their mouth open like i don't wanna be naked right royal disturbing well there it was law debate of whether or not you know patsy ramsey was melt rate was living through jonbenet ramsey but this in a i love these these adult against you know it's almost like got this you know munchausen bribe proxy aspect to it so i i just it's just disgusting to.

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