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My colleague, then vomit had a chance to sit down with Amelie mauresmo, the term director of Roland Garros. And we're going to take a listen today. But before we get there, we're talking about the French Open. Let's take a look at the draw. Let's take a look at what's happening and what do we think is going to unfold here over the next two weeks. We've got Wawrinka coming back off of injury, showing just how difficult it is to come play a Grand Slam. Not having a lot of matches on your belt. Same with Chicago. Coming in, not a lot of matches. Got taken down by a young French man. Osaka would probably the toughest draw of a mall had to play Amanda nissin over the player who has been there before in the first round. And so I not having a lot of matches. Maybe not having confident on being confident on the court. And plan Amanda, who won a best young ball struggles on tour. Proof of an ugly combination. And if you recall, we had several players in the previous podcast about who's the one player who was unseated that when the draw comes out, you hope you don't play. In the first round. And it was kaia kanepi. And garbine muguruza got a little bit of taste of that. Katie vary nets. When I congratulate her on getting the American wildcard to the French Open and actually getting the win, proving that she was worthy and did deserve it. And on the men's side, our last French Open, where we get to get to see sanga. He had a tough draw we had to play Catherine in the first round, not the kind of player you want to play in your very first first round in your last French Open. But we want to wish them well. We want to say farewell to a giant,.

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