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Right direction Marcus Morris who may not be there tonight he's listed as questionable with a sprained ankle already know Archie Barreto miss at least this week with his own sprained ankle before being re evaluated silence makes his long awaited debut tonight the pelicans welcome in the spurs and is expecting a nice reaction one of the people who owns are gonna so I love to do from the outside people all I can do is invite the love we want to bring it in right college of stuttering seen home for Providence looking for a nice street when whenever twenty four rockers at a big road game against nineteenth ranked Iowa and Australian Open continues tonight Dominic team Alexander Zverev Angelique Kerber among the notables in action sports a fifteen forty five round the clock mark ability tension with sports when's news time one seventeen new US troops are being sent into Afghanistan in a ceremony at Southern Illinois University Illinois governor JB Pritzker thank the four hundred National Guard members from Missouri and Illinois set to begin a nine month deployment to Afghanistan I am truly honored to be here with the members of the second battalion of the one hundred and thirtieth infantry regiment and all the loved ones already counting the days until your return it's estimated twelve thousand American troops are stationed in Afghanistan the president has previously said he would support a true production there but a draw down has not been formally announced that's corresponded Ryan borrow the mayor of Teaneck Mohammed to harm me to dean as announced that he will not seek reelection in may he says he wants new leaders to emerge in the town I made a dean was first elected in two thousand eight he was the first Muslim mayor in Bergen county the world is mourning the loss of Mr Pena the beloved planters mascot met his fate while saving the lives of Wesley snipes envy Baxter Matt Walsh when the not mobile goes off a cliff what's the story line in a new ad set to air before the Superbowl Matt let go no no you don't.

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