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For a black child is not on the streets. It's not what they see a police officer. It's in their mothers. More than half of the black population. Population would be doubled today. If it wasn't for abortion. We've lost eighteen million black babies is nineteen Seventy-three. How's that for a progressive policy? Is that what they're celebrating? Yes. They are are absolutely celebrating that on the left Kansas, and she was at CPAC this year had very strong conviction as she normally does she also leading the charge for the charge of blogs it here often with that. That is basically blacks exiting the what they will refer to as the democrat plantation. You're not supposed to say that if you're white by the way, especially if you live where I do like, those are stoning words, but I'm not afraid clearly so why because it matters excuse me. It matters. When I visit a congressman's district, am I state who who's just been hailed as like ITO matter of fact, they just named a freedom Parkway after the John Lewis freedom Parkway, he's a gentleman who marched with Dr Martin Luther King. He is someone who has, you know, things of his past that are that are commendable the accolades stand on their own. But some people are not happy unless they're not happy late like you like they never want to get they never want to achieve freedom because once someone's free some people are just born activists. And it's like what do you do once the battles over? What do you do especially if you've made a living off of it abortions and industry death is an industry? Crime is an industry racism race baiting is an industry feminism is an industry, and these are all the things that you see all these social issues going on right now in congress. This is where all of this begins. It begins in our own mirrors. That begins in our own understanding of who we are why we are who we are as a nation. We've been how far we've come. Narrative hijackers narrative shapers people who have a vested interest in holding the nation hostage to dead ideas. Dead feelings dead beliefs. That's what you're up against. It's not in your congressmen and women are not going to solve this. By the way. It's going to happen in your neighborhoods. It's going to happen in your own mirror is going to happen around your dinner table, your car pool rides. You know, every interaction you have with a neighbor, you're going to be the person who's going to maintain this Republic and her integrity. I love Kansas Owens, because she's not she's not confused about the issues. She knows who she is woman, and she's not afraid to stand on that. And I think we need more young women like her every time I speak at a Republican function. They'll ask me. What do we do where do we go? Are we going to maintain the party, Mike? Well, first thing you can do is reach out to your people. You're young women. Hey, get smart guys. If this is the year of the woman, then put your best in your brightest on the front lines. And politics start investing your time your treasure and your talent and women conservative women. Who are I'm not talking about Murkowski and Collins's of the world. I'm talking women who will stand on the side of life without confusion without wavering. Women who understand conservative values women who can speak to the economic issues of our times women who do not believe in glass ceilings, women who understand they're worth. What do you can fire democrat so much better at the ground game early? Speaking of that right now the going door to door of buses handing out walking around money. So they're better at that. I'll tell you as a campaign manager, this is what I ran into there. They're much better at that. And we are because they understand how to get to the emotion of the voter. And we all vote emotionally. That's how we vote. I don't care. How logical you think. You are. How all about the numbers? Economically driven. You are in factually and data driven. That's not how people votes clearly president, Donald J Trump. Is a prime example of that people were fed up people who have never been conservative or like, you know, what what the hell. I'm done. I'm done with this crowd. The way that it is like his time. Like, we're drowning over here, we disarm people. Just get the fact that their heads like about to go under..

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