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I got Baltimore instead of because what the Kansas City here. Here's the problem with Baltimore. They're gonna panic. They're gonna panic when flacco screws it up through and they're going to say, you know what? We're done, what you come in to more. Let's go. That's what's going to happen. You remember, I told you this on this day at this time. I mean, look, they're gonna president, jury. Hanneke of the corvette panicking because you're going to get fired is you lasted almost fire last year. He he's on. He's on the hot seat. The owner came out and said almost firing. So he's gonna panic, and he's gonna, say in is e Newsom remember is stepping down. He's still around Lee stepping down is a new general manager who didn't hire him as a coach. Here's what I know about key. He knows something when he saints know something I by that. Yeah, I buy that. All right. Before we got like just a few seconds. How worried are you about USC this week? I love JT Daniels by the way, fell in love in the fourth quarter. I'm not that worried there's gonna be a tough game, but I'm not. I'm not worried. I think they go up there. I think they win a closely of JT scrolls as as often goals they grow. He's got a good connection with Saint Brown. He gets the other receivers involve such. We're running a ball defenses pretty solid. You play down the competition typically and week one. When you USC we two-day using play better. So you know, Stanford's going to be tough though. Oh, Stanford k. j. Castillo in in Whiteside in in in tied in they got some stuff at Stanford. What we how worried were you in the fourth heading into the fourth quarter last week at nineteen? Fourteen against UNLV. Yeah, I wouldn't go happen. It's like the western Michigan game. Elsey was really fueling himself. Oh. I don't think people in Vegas was jumping up and down. It wouldn't happen. I, if it would have happened if that would happen though them clay hill. He would have turned out him quick. See if clay Hilton is he'll drop the next to be truck. So you'll be. Kid. He bet not up here in loser. Stanford like you just beat them twice about born in there. It is the hot seat. All right. Where are you guys going to be tomorrow in the I o tilted kilt tilted kilt six AM at the tilted kilt in the i..

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