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That includes installation plus no interest until November 2024. Call 8 5 5 57 creek today. Everything you need every time you listen. WTO news. It's two 15. I'm Sean Anderson. I'm Hillary Howard glad you're with us. We continue to follow breaking news here on WTO. Former president Donald Trump has been arrested and is about to be arraigned at the Manhattan criminal courthouse in New York on charges connected to hush money payments made to a porn star during the 2016 presidential campaign. It was about one 30 this afternoon. That the former president arrived at the Manhattan criminal courthouse in a Secret Service caravan as they went down the FDR Parkway and into Lower Manhattan. He got out of the car, wearing his signature blue suit and red tie, briefly waved to some supporters who were cheering him on and went on into the courthouse. And now, of course, the former president is under arrest and we're waiting for his arraignment which will only be minutes away if supposed to be minutes away. Reporters are allowed in the courtroom, but they are not allowed to have electronic devices. As a result, we are not going to learn the charges until the entire arraignment is over. So keep it here on WTO P, we are still waiting to see the president and I don't believe he has not entered the courtroom yet. As far as we know he has not the Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg, who has pursued this case, is expected to make a statement sometime after the arraignment we do not know if the former president will talk afterwards. He is expected to make a speech tonight from Mar-a-Lago in Florida as he flies back to Florida after today's arraignment. Keep it here on WTO P, another big story that still developing. The shooting death of a one time chief of staff of former governor Larry Hogan. Roy McGrath was a fugitive after having skipped out on his own Baltimore corruption trial. The man hand led FBI agents to Knoxville, Tennessee, where an attempted arrest ended with McGrath's life. Now the FBI calls it an agent involved shooting. The Baltimore banner reports news video of the scene shows a white Cadillac SUV blocked by an unmarked car front passenger window appears shattered. Back in 2021, McGrath was indicted on accusations he fraudulently secured a $234,000 severance payment while he led Maryland's environmental service by saying that the government had approved it. Hogan says he and his wife yumi are deeply saddened by the tragic situation. Time two 17. I'm Peter Greenberg and this is today's ion travel minute. Very few of us want to check bags on flights. It not only slows our trip down, it could be expensive, and is more and more of us try to carry on the problem is there's not enough room for our bags in the overhead bins, especially if you're boarding in group number 5. On everything other than a triple 7 or an Airbus three 50, the overhead bins can't handle the carry on bags. More and more airlines are now asking for volunteers at the gate to let them check your bags at no cost. This in turn is angry in those passengers who already paid to have their bags checked. Is there a solution other than pre boarding with your bags? Try and fly with a smallest carry on bag you can. So you know it will fit at least under the seat in front of you. For more information, visit Peter Greenberg dot com. I'm

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