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The first voice you'll hear. Is David's followed by Rahul. Somebody who thinks of himself as a power user, I always felt like ask just really never allowed me to climb up that learning curve to being a power user, there was a whole sort of first generation of SAS tools that really would hallmark their benefits of Jesus us. It's really simple hours think back to Mike trump excel versus you will. Excel is easy to use, but allows you to be a power user if you want to be. I would argue that actually companies like. SALESFORCE and last year Jira catering to power users. It's just that's the complexity in the configure ability was so strong that the companies almost lost sight. Of the facts that it should be enjoyable to us I think what's changed recently is the ability to then also package it into consumer fashion, the challenge with tools like salesforce in jared as well as really any of the piece of enterprise, software, or more, generally any piece of power user software. Is that they often end up looking in elegance and becoming visually cluttered. You're totally right that salesforce in Jira are very considerable, but in fact, most companies they deployed salesforce ended up hiring a third party or hiring specialized persons company just to administer because bigger ball, and I don't think anybody ever use. salesforce recalled enjoyed tea. Is that lends itself to the conversation around design, and for those that don't know superhuman is often driven through two mechanisms. One is called a command pal. Command Line that POPs up wherever you are in empty lots of keyboard shortcuts, so what gave you the confidence to build a pro sumer application that really encouraged or forced people through their onboard to become our users. I? Did you know that was going to work and I? Do you think about usability in light of that? Those who know me well, no, I started a PhD in computer science. I spent a lot of time thinking about human computer interaction, and this idea of ease of use, and I came to the conclusion that as a whole industry. We had played way too hard into learn ability and ease of use, and we were really doing our customers of the service. We are assuming that not as intelligent as they actually are. And, so we aggressively pushing the other direction what we worry about is. Can it do all the things that you wanted to do when you're a power user? All you really really fast. And we'll solve the problem of you becoming a power user through other techniques. I had this belief having grown up as a developer at keyboard shortcuts with way to go, but I knew that he pull generally..

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