Mayfair Mall, Joseph Mensa, FBI discussed on Wisconsin's Afternoon News with John Mercure


Road north End of the Mall that Northwest corner there. That is where the large police presence is right there kind of buy the pot bellies restaurant. There's an exterior entrance that also enters right into the mall. Between Mayfair and Pot bellies, and that's where we've seen the majority of people going in and out. Posted police ambulances, SWAT teams from throughout the area. Continue to come and go from the mall. We don't yet know. I don't think Eric. Do we have any indicator when we might hear from police? No, not at this point and usually Once they have a little bit more of a concrete idea of what they're working with. They might send out a quick tweet with some information. Or maybe say, Hey, we're going to set up a command post into a news conference that you know this time. We're still waiting for that to take place and it has not, And that could be for several different reasons. One is still a fluid situation, too. They're still trying to get all the information they need from those who were involved in the situation. And three. I mean, it could still be active. I mean, what we're told from the mayor there is that they're clearly still working this scene. They're still trying to determine it. Andre from what we can share Just from what we're seeing on some of the monitors we have here, thanks to our partners that teams of four news it does not look as urgent. Around the doorway here leading into the Macy's Now That does not mean anything. That doesn't necessarily mean everything is over or anything like that. We're just telling you what we're seeing here is that there is not this large active Urgent police presence that we can see at this time outside the Macy's interested no detail attached to it. But the FBI is not confirming that there has been a shooting at Mayfair Mall. Not any other detail that we know from the F B, I We know the FBI is indeed on scene. It has been a lot of difficulty activity at Mayfair Mall over the course of the last year. It was in February that 17 year old Alvin Cole was shot and killed in the Mayfair Mall parking lot by Tosa police after firing at them, according to police with a stolen gun. Joseph MENSA, then fired at the Milwaukee Vincent High School senior and killed him after cold brandished a nine millimeters semiautomatic handgun, which was recovered at the scene. You may recall that after that shooting took place. There were a lot of protests out there before the D A made a decision on whether criminal charges would be filed against Joseph Men said there were protests. There were people that were harassed, trying to eat out there at the restaurants like Cheesecake Factory. There were protests that took place day and night and that the decision came down not to charge Joseph MENSA, and the protests continued their four days where there was a heavy police presence there. At Mayfair, the national Guard was actually called out to Mayfair. To make sure that nothing got out of hand. The shooting took place in February. The protest took place throughout the summer and into the fall. And now today, this and I'm not making a suggestion that the two are related because I have no indicator that the album cold Joseph MENSA shooting is related to what happened today. Today. Another incident at Mayfair Mall or the FBI is confirming that shots were fired at the mall. Our sources telling us that at least seven people Were shot at the mall. He told the mayor saying that yeah, there was a shooting at the mall. There were multiple victims. None of them have life sustaining injuries, according to the mayor, and about Now. That was about 20 minutes ago now that the mayor released his statement, and he said that the perpetrator was still.

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