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Into marriage with a nice big body, check as marriage and clears the puck down to the hawk line. Luke Johnson trying to work at free from what look like the pitch forking there of Matthew's he does have route at center ice, and he'll fire it off the right boards and down behind the leaf net. Sparks out the to the near corner to Travis Dermott. It was a two season teammate with the cat Alex debrincat in Irian the Attilio Hockey League. Speaking of caddy hands it off. Wind down the right wing cuts back in front of the net and could not complete the mission potato got the puck left corner shipping it away from NS along the boards at it knocked off his stick. However, not by the leash Andreas Jonsson down ice. It goes. Gilkey Harley with the puck behind the hawk net. Steps out feted ahead. The tastes hawk line. Cook a run on the right wing at center ice part of the penalty boxes. Lost the handle on the puck Taveras will move. It ahead for Hyman. He deflects the puck into the right wing corner. Hawk zone racing in to get it. You sack Hyman? One knee behind the net. They came out with the puck scraped away by Keith. But right onto the sticker Riley left point. He fires and Yawkey Har you knelt down to block that one Riley. Got it back high slot. Fires turn wide rebound scar. And it's John Taveras on the doorstep slapping that one Paris Cam ward. Taveras? It's his second goal on the season and gives the Leafs a three two lead. Hurry, walked one of everything kinda got a little bit confused. They're just a shot with lots of traffic in front of the net to Ford's for the Maple Leafs. To Ford's for the Blackhawks and just alzon errors area were diverse is Johnny on the spot. He picks up his second goal. Contract Levin million dollar cap that surveyors. Come back home team. Traffic makes the initial save. The can't control the rebound Cusco do a better job of finding a way to get into the shooting lane there. I don't even take the first shot gets through to Cam ward Zach Hyman in front of the net. So may police down to nothing and scored three consecutive goals. So Taveras from Riley at three fifty six of the second period three to Toronto in behind the hawk.

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