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Dozen people have been charged with being part of a twenty five million dollar scheme to help wealthy. Parents get their children at the top universities. Correspondent Nick reports. The actress Felicity Huffman appeared in federal court in Los Angeles today, the government was asking for a high bond, and they said the reason for that was like look we have got transcripts of phone calls on which she is talking about these are their words bribery, and she is being dishonest today asked for a high bond in the end the bond was set at two hundred fifty thousand dollars the court said that she has twenty million dollars in property assets. Plus another four million so she can afford it allows actors Lori Laughlin also faces charges in the case. The Federal Aviation Administration. As issued a statement that it is continuing to monitor the Boeing seven thirty-seven max eight after its involvement in a second deadly crash, but has no plans right now to grounded correspondent David McKenzie says more than forty other nations have pulled the jet out of service as a precaution. China Singapore, Indonesia. Australia. If you're the Caymans Mongolia, it is charge it. That's just a partial list of all of those countries and airliners that have grounded this brand new type of the Senate will vote later this week on a house resolution blocking President Trump's declaration of national emergency to get a border wall built. Correspondent Phil Mattingly reports the White House is trying to stop anymore. GOP defections vote is coming whether Republicans like it or not it's scheduled for Thursday. They have to because of the clock they're on. And at this point in time. I'm told anywhere between ten and fifteen Republicans could break with the president on his central issue the wall because of the mechanism he's using to try and fund it the big question now is can the White House. Do anything over the course of the next forty eight hours to try and tamp that down on Wall Street. The Dow fell ninety six points. The NASDAQ gained thirty.

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