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We are gonna kill your shit so true story let anybody who was around tell you differently when tony thompson came into play drums hugh i mean the sound pressure levels in that studio were so hard core that the lights would dim every time he hit that snare is the paris that has the power station rai at eu was gone i mean i was like man i'm glad i'm not standing in that room aminu the the the the anger the and and it wasn't anger that was directed at david it was anger directed at the industry was the fact that this is what we love we can play this all day long give us a chance david bowie gave us a chance and we ripped it uh i was on the road with kenny loggins uh about a year ago and the front of footloose is exactly migratory riff at the beginning of let's there i mean a beginning of modern love and i didn't know it like every night i would go out on stage i go what does he plan shit every night he will go two two two two two two to go what's he doing that for an hour got all right everybody foot loo i was like oh my god was that we are sending us we're talking about with the wam thing as well which is that you kind of created this 80s one of the 80s templates that a bunch of people then kind of oh of were.

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