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You are not at 30,000 feet surveying the state like California or a state like Massachusetts. You're there in the neighborhood with the people on a day to today basis. And to your point, there's no place to hide. So if you've survived 16 years, were you actually mayor for 16 years? I have been, yeah, I feel fortunate. This is my 17th year, been reelected 5 times by the people in my community. And I feel blessed. So tell us about why you're running for lieutenant governor. What do you hope to bring to the office? You know, I touched about it earlier. I really feel like for the Commonwealth to be vibrant and thriving, we need our communities working. And right now, a lot of our communities are working, but not all. Salem's a gateway city, which means that we have a very diverse population, both in income and race and language and culture. I think it makes us more livable, but it also can bring different challenges. And we know there are gateway cities throughout Massachusetts, places that were regional economic hubs that some are doing better than others for our Commonwealth to do well, frankly, we need all of our cities working well, not just Boston and Kendall square and seaport district. I hope as mayor, as someone who's been an innovative leader with executive experience as a city that's nearly 400 years old, we have to not only be mindful of our history, but also be thinking forward thinking in a way that what's the next iteration of our community going to be, who are we going to benefit and how are we going to do that work?

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