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At usc that stoops would consider the penn state job and they both said almost immediately. I don't think there's any way he'd leave for that. They both said he loves it here. He's like he's like he loves lexington. I cannot see him. They said i cannot see him leaving unless it was four. He basically said florida state or ohio. State might even start to pull out of that if they don't get a little better. He's got a personal connection to florida. State that they and i was surprised. How definitive they worry. And it drew. Because i would think he has to at least consider penn state but they were just like and it's also interesting because to them now. Max is from australia obviously but miles young to them. I don't think that young people. Even look at penn state. Like you. And i do like you and i look at it as man when i was kid. Penn state was one of the. You know whatever now i think. They're not seen by young people. I mean they're they're good this year but i don't think it has the same sort of panache. Maybe it did. When you and i were growing up i gotta think stoops has to be very careful taking any job because he's built so much goodwill here. Everything's going his way outside of indoor practice. He's gotten everything he's wanted. And that will probably come soon as it becomes a bigger talking point. I mean he really hasn't made all those guys made in their case for calling a top ten job. I mean you win. Games people are happy. He's not getting fired anytime soon. To go to penn state or florida state or really anywhere. You're you're taking a big risk because you're new to them and they could throw you wayne heartbeat. If it's going well they could. Can i tell you. Funny story shannon. Yeah so there's these kids down a for kids. But their young younger folks down in in eastern kentucky. They have a podcast the thirteenth region media network. Of course. that's the region that i grew up in like southeast kentucky in the thirteenth region media network has a podcast. And they've been asking me for a long time to go on the podcasts and i've said i will but i just couldn't find the right time etc so so i agreed to do and when i agree to do it we're gonna do it next week. The guy says to me. We are so excited. This the biggest gas we've ever had. I was like hey man glad to do it your thirteenth region people. They just released the graphic advertising next week. Show you all can't see this. But this is the graphic and it says next week's thirteenth region media network north laurel coach. Chris larkin corbin. Seth mills play canis. Adam collins and ks ours. Matt jones i got. I got four billing ryan just next week show. I'm behind chris. Larquie seth meals. And adam collins seth meals and adam collins play and i'm like the magician. They bring out at the end of the tonight. Show right before you are. You were others receiving. So i wonder if the thirteenth three jamir network tells everyone..

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