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Ninety buyer in the Las virgin sounds like the top two. They will have another date on April the sixth and Senate oaks now that wraps up these two big reviews, it will do Nell throat into the quits stakes. Montage, we'll go through a number of different races. You've got San Marcos out at Santa Nita. You get the endeavored down at Tampa. Tampa Bay down at Tampa, the Suncoast you got all sorts of good stuff in there. So we'll go through will rip through the stakes. Montage. I'll come back with some quick hits. We'll get you into the weekends. Best force Beyer. Speed figure performances are concerned. Lead at the top of the stretch and quickly opens up to on Roman. Russell unapologetic had a good trip on the far outside comes beach, view and dab. Stor epochal is coming alive in the center. But in the meantime, platinum or your has a four link lead epochal is closing stoutly beach view on the outside with a late bed. It's going to a platinum warrior to win the San Marcos Epoca was second special event is backpedalled after that mitt race move as valedictorian tries to do it. Every step of mild ago, valedictorian by three and a half in high gear, but running ground peach of a gals now third vagabond Princess van that's up front valedictorian. She at all the way valedictorian Gaito wire to win this one. I'd open as they fanned across that trek along the heart Dardis taking in game Ray Irish straight, his third leader second. Here's inspector Linley. Ortiz works at a toward the rail and up on the outside with a late run. Is diverse Darrow and on the outside. Here comes in a blanket finish out again going after the leader second buddy arch is there toward the rail now racing on third they straightened away in the render the way it's conquest. Hard candy Stellan, here's Oxmoor charging down the center of the racetrack and way on the outside the Vegas that gray horses. Absolutely fine. Huck s'more take it by diminishing three. They'll cut loose at the top of the stretch up to engage Ken with a furlong left ago. Just behind them river Boyne trying to negotiate a very narrow holy and get through and on the outside. True. Valour driving finish Ohio. True valour in the Ken fights on true valour takes the lead. And it's true valour. And Andrea said he told win it from the inside of biding star. Mister Cobb needs out. He gets out. He's up about a challenge for the laid down the center from last. It's every finally of a mile be tries to hold them off here. Henry done center. Mr. cub from between, horses and minutes. Cramps and tape stretch Henry from way back up in time. Second, mr. Continues to grind away third and they straight away and cut to the Meyer in the Suncoast up on the outside point of honor explodes. And now moves to the me along the lady Kate but point of on her in front impressively under heavy air Castellano by widening three lady Kate was seconds week. Diane third winning envelope. We'll try to keep pace with them. But desperate has the upper hand coming to the eighth bull drifts in opens up to sparky. Bill switches to the outside. He's running a giant rates. Dennis sparky Bill. These are the two definite digging sparky bills trying to run him down. Sparky Bill has the momentum desperate as the leave. Sparky gets up to win the same vicinity in a thriller. Desmond thought. In front splashy kisses. There's room at the rail for patchy Princess, and she takes off a patchy Princess quickly puts two links on thriving and splashy kisses. The disarma- brothers will strike in the suite life stakes as patchy Princess is very impressive in victory. She strolls in by three and a half. It's an extremely quick some quick thoughts. Then we'll go into the buyers which the dwarf TV schedule of events, and then we'll get outta here. We'll get you on your way to some quick rips, San Marcos finance for from the top two finishers, platinum Maurier epical, even if you want to include beach, you there third I think the horse that you're most interested in or you should be most interested in coming out of that race from a trip standpoint is Chicago style who never got a chance to run at the top of the lane stacked up behind horses. Finally got a little bit of room late, but it was far too late. Then I thought he he's the one that to me out of that race that you want to give another opportunity to nothing anything from the top two or. Three. I think they all ran quite well thunder road the obvious trip for river Boyne. There's just a part of me though, that looks at. I don't even if he gets through is he really that much better than everyone else from a number standpoint. He's not and I maybe he wins that race. Maybe he doesn't. But if he wins. I don't think he wins by four put it that way. I think he's a nice horse. I just I have a difficult time seeing him as a grade one caliber miler, I think he is sort of living in that range along again, you look look at the horses that were there at the wire, I think that's kind of where he lives right now. Let's he takes that next up forward. I'm not sure that he can run with the best milers. Maybe he would have been best in their if not for the trip, but at the same time, I don't know for certain that he would have been river valedictorian. She absolutely walked the dog in the front end. You like the downgrade that effort a little bit just because of the pace dynamics. On the flipside you'd likely want to give rim ska a little bit of the benefit of the doubt. But to be Frank. I said it when I did the Tampa pick for video if she were to go there. I'm not. Totally sure how good she actually thinks. She's fine. Don't get me wrong. But I don't think she's great one raid. Two caliber, I think she belongs in these races. The figure kinda bear that out. But again, it's very difficult to earn a fest figures for his buyers concern, given a lack of pace going to be difficult for fast final time. I just again, I'm not sold on her better worse against that level with a better pay situation. She can certainly get the job done. I don't know if she's still grade one caliber, the L pro wicked pace helped the horses come from way off cowboy culture of force to wait a little bit before he was able to be produced. He came out with a little bit of a belated bid finish fourth the horse that I absolutely didn't run a lick or never got a chance to run. And I don't know that he would have been a threaten this race. I don't know if he's good enough. But he is the kind of horse that in a little bit of an easier. Spot holiday stone had zero chance go back and watch that tape you can wash the stretch run. He's down there on the inside and those orange and pink silks and he legitimately has nowhere to go. He can't run one. One step at all. He's one that. I think you want to keep an eye on because I wouldn't be crazy. I don't think to see him show up in a non stakes event next time out, but he still might offer a decent price because that running line at face value. If you don't see the trip is gonna look dreadful can ever picked his feet up. He didn't. But for reason, I think he's one that you just at least wanna throw in your force watch one. Keep an eye on going forward base stakes. I don't know that heart can run anymore. He's the kind of horse that in his best form. He would accounted that field given the trip. I only went faster early. But this is hard to heartens is his game. You saw how eager was done the frontside. I just makes me wonder if he's lost a fair amount on that fast. Ball inspector Linley shot up the rail. It was a perfect trip for him saving every of ground the entire way in the pocket. Then he's able to go through down the inside again from a trip standpoint, you probably want downgrade him slightly on like you're gonna work out an ideal trip again, you're next, but the sun coast, I tweeted about it. I'm quite high on point of honor. I thought that was very impressed. Effort from her I'll beat likely on the best part of the race track. As opposed to the Philly that ran second. They're lady Kate. She ended up down on the inside to maybe her effort could have been slightly better. Had she been out on a more favorable portion of the track. But I really was impressed with point of honor will find out alternately where she goes. I think she's a solid one. And I think she could be illegitimate three year old filly here. She's one that we may may still hear some things from her may may I don't know that I wanna go as far as to pin anything on anyone boy early on if I could take a future bet on a horse for a race. Like the oaks, I wouldn't be opposed to taking a look at her. I think point of honors nice Santa Sunday sloppy track. Obviously wanna take everything with the grain of salt, especially in southern California. The fact that sparked Bill was able to overcome being down the inside having to steady at the top of the lane sharply-angled out four five path and still going rundown. Desmond it makes me think that that field. Just is not very good spark villas, a nice horse. But I don't know that. Anyone is looking at him saying he's going to end up being a grade one caliber sprinter Coliseum was disappointing. Again, Desmond thought I thought he ran find. You gotta beat spark Ville, given the trip and sparked feel head. Left something to be desired there and sweet life a beautiful trip for patchy Princess, great ride from Kent. Oh, she's able to shoot up the inside. Like, I said with all those Santini racists on on Sunday with that rain. You gotta just take it all with a little bit of a grain of salt because some of those horses some of them never even seen a wet track before so take all those a little bit of a grain of salt. But perfect trip for Apache Princess, and again, perhaps, you know, usually you don't wanna be betting perfect trip horses back in their next race. But there are different circumstances. Just something to keep an eye on. So there you have some quick hit some quick thoughts from the stakes. Montage this week sick. A look at the weekends best. From a buyer standpoint will go right in order, the three year old males sparky villain, Desmond disarm ninety four buyers at face value. It looks good. I just again, I have a difficult time looking at that saying how how good could that feel be spark Ville, really no business winning that race unless he's just completely turned corner. And now he's turned into a. Potential star who knows three-year-old Phillies under Bella FINA. We talked about her she on ninety in the Las virgins three year old males on grass valid point in eighty one in a maiden special Gulfstream three year old Phillies on turf clause in eighty two in a maiden special weight down at Gulfstream older males on dirt heavy roller a ninety nine in an allowance at Oakland older fillies and mares bluegrass jamboree ninety five an one x the big a older males on grass inspector Linley. We saw that with the one on one buyer in the Tampa Bay steaks, and then older fillies mayors on turf hawks more than ninety five in the endeavor. Don, Tampa there you have two weekends best as far as Beyer. Speed figure performance are concerned the quick look at what's on deck this week for Diaw TV. You're gonna have plenty of stakes previews you've got the risen star coming up on Saturday afternoon. That is a Kentucky Derby points race. Big fulfilled should be a good race good betting races. Well, you'll have steaks preview. Derrick Betts races the day. You'll have added the gate. You'll have the preview dishes of the map Bernier show. You have number different. Things. Breeding report, you got it's all going. Be out there video dot the dot com as well as the daily racing forms YouTube channel, if you've been listening live thank you for doing. So those view in podcast Landau, Mike, most of you. You've got apple podcast, I tunes YouTube sound cloud Spotify. You name it so many different ways video dot dear dot com as well. If you're over on YouTube, click the subscribe button,

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