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Health and Human Services adopt US kids and the Ad council. 8 15. Let's get an update on traffic on the five years Bill Jackson. It's sponsored by Dell Technologies in Watts. Apache on I pretty fun of Ease Cellphone Highway 67 Rank has reported. There's a backup there passed 14 46. Trouble in Dallas through the high five looks like it's being cleared from that 6 35 westbound ramp from 75, an accident there that had everything backed up on for both ramps from 75. And then the southbound decided. 75 still has intermittent delays from the George Bush Turnpike in Fort Worth on East Bay, 20 north between John T. White and Trinity Boulevard. It's slow going through construction. Sometimes it feels like the course keeps changing right before your eyes. Dell Technologies Advisors have the tech solutions You need to help your business, get out in front and stay ahead of the game for advice on solutions like XPS 13 laptops powered by Intel Evil platform call under an advisor today at 877 asked Dell with CALIF traffic on the fives. I'm Bill Jackson. Brought to you by Dallas, Texas injury attorney dot com Car accident Big truck wreck If you're injured get the money you deserve no win. No fee, call 84476700008447670000 Gold paper Soriano and she noodle offer. Are shattered in quite a bit of low overcast this morning. We've seen some breaks gusty winds coming out of south, ushering in a very mild temperatures. Wow! Look at the car thermometer! What an extremely mild morning this afternoon. The next change comes in late today. Some thunderstorms.

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