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Head. Welcome back. What's going on? How you feeling? I'm feeling good, Jim. How you doing? No, you're not. That's a lie Straight. I'll call bullcrap on that. Yeah, little pissed. Little pissed, but we're all right. We'll bounce back this weekend. But then again, you're right. Like I don't want I'm gonna call bull crap. But I don't want the real answers. So you're right. All right. So Tampa Bay head, uh, they did enough to win the game credit for that, but not nearly enough for us to win our bed. If this world horse race, we would say that the box Did not run to their odds. In this case, you and I hit Tampa minus nine. So before we look ahead to this weekend's action, I want to get your reaction to what you saw last night. And what was going through your head as you watch that bet that pick go right down the toilet. Yeah. I mean, I'm glad I hit Tom Brady on the over 2.5. So didn't bleed his bad, Jim, But, um, with the pick, Dude, you can't overcome three boneheaded plays that Ronald Jones Leonard for Net and then Chris Godwin. Um, did late fumbled that ball? I mean, you're not going to win. You're not going to cover nine. So in my pissed not too bad. I mean, I still feel we had the right pick because the talent, right? It's just You're never going to get that right. If those three do what they did not if you keep giving the ball to the other guy, you won't. All right. So let's keep moving. Thanks for nothing. Chris Godwin. Yeah. He actually made a play late in the game. They got them to win. I mean, one thing to lose the bet, but to lose the game altogether Lucky that didn't happen. But I'm not rooting. All right. Why don't we start with Green Bay and New Orleans? Great. Great matchup. Great storylines. Start right there ahead and and clones. Get your pen's out. Write this down. What is the number you're seeing for that game? And who is your pick? So when this came out, I was all over the underdog Packers in New Orleans and taking the points The spread is now flip because the location has moved to Jacksonville. Obviously. But I'm still going Green Bay here, Jim now as a minus 3.5 point favorite. It's the best offense and football last year in Green Bay V. The best road defense in New Orleans. Rogers has some massive advantage against this undermanned ST secondary. Remember. They traded for Bradley Roby this week and he won't go. They are desperate for corners. The question is can errands line hold up against that Great Saints defensive line his guard? Elton.

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