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It is the steal it is a system at you know it did that is out there you will need it after injury last as doesn't really matter now i mean i've heard this about alcohol is that when you buy the cheap stuff you get the egot more hangovers because there's all the impurities in it which i think is true or you know none of us through with wind so i was at a when we were down a kabo over the holidays they had a flight of of two kilos okay okay so you could get like five of their prime two kilos and try them and notice the difference between them i got to be honest to kill us to cure now i think i can notice you can tell the difference between a good to kill and a bad tequila heather epa sido and i know that some of them are what's the one i really like it's the one in a ceramic with the blue and now with the blue and white is there a difference a class astle or something like that nothing and there's don julio yeah i can tell the difference can you gregg i can tell of a difference between a lot of different venezuela's bourbon i can tell the general election as a huge scaramucci sure return alert there are a lot of different the wine is the same thing though wind will i can't do it but here's label are crazy about a you can i like i can tell the difference between the cheap wine and the good why i can bring in but i can't type delivering in a garbage to quila in a bottle of your done julios sherry make whatever the hell it is and i'll put a blindfold on you on thursday and you will have no clue on which is which all right i'll go nowhere she is after lewis while now and get his show.

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