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But then he did share to a hungry child. You know. So he's so he's not like. His action and then when he does the Heist Enterprises. So technically stealing from himself. Yeah. Yeah. He said He. Yeah. He says I'm not. Stealing. I'm no not a thief tell that to the owner of these well. I am the owner of those but not that you know you know where I want you to now. Exactly. So he's still funny away to to be good and understand MB. Part Of Of everything. Yeah. Yeah. It's. It's very well thought out. He doesn't he doesn't cross that line. For being for being a criminal. He he lives the life, but he's not crossing that line because he's he's being involved in planning in what what's happening and he's you know. Is Stealing from himself? Exactly he's an intelligent man. Like Excuse me. This movie is very well thought out and what's funny kind of sad it's like Salmon Goes Daddy. It's good. It's kind of boring sometimes. I can understand that. And that's why like this one was music didn't really have a whole lot of toys and stuff like Iona Mask from this movie because I remember finding. Kroger, after Halloween in the discount rack. Okay Cool Batman. I was like it's play my favorite because it's like a cowl. Ascended, send you a picture of it later. Yeah because it's A. It's a cowl, but it's not a full cal and it's not one of the it's rubber. It's not one of the plastic. Like mass defined now so Right yeah. That's cool. You said something I think forgot. I mean even here like a whole merchandise. Yeah. So I never I don't think I had I don't think I had anything. Because, it really wasn't buying toys at this time figures or anything. I DID GET THE GAME To, play the game. which was really cool. You know it was like one of the I kinda games. You know in Help to introduce this extra this extra level of something involved in a game that level of fear. You know that you use fear to to be able to surprise your enemies and things like that They did it pretty well, it was probably one of the better Batman Games over the years. or at least one of the be. The decent Batman Games over the years. 'cause you know these movies are all hit or miss. An when this movie came out on DVD I bought the box I bought the box set with that comes with. A comic book. Are Member. It's yeah I got it right here in my hand and. It's a stories that inspire this movie, the man who falls writer Denny O'Neil. Artists Dick No The Batman. Bob Kane Story You know old. School. And a chap chapter one from the long Halloween. Introducing. CARMINE Falconi. While not introducing but just A. A chapter from the Long Halloween that discusses the corruption. That Falconi has within the within the GCP within Gotham. I remember that comic. elegantly did stuff like that. Yeah Yeah I. got it right here still still inside the still inside the box here with my with my DVD. Actors like we have Kim Wantanabe require this very small part. You. Know Right. Yeah. Which which I've. Always, you know early on when I first saw the movie and you know you get you get Liam Neeson's reveal of him being Raza Gula time like I kind of at the time I was like Oh so He is Roselle goal. Okay. Just misdirection. But then I think amend. Thought about the The history of the League of shadows and things like that Like I think that. There's no lazarus pit especially once it comes to the dark knight rises you know and there's never any Lazarus pit. and it was a hallucination. For Bruce at the time because of him being in shock from his back being popped back into place. And was like you know what like I think that guy can wantanabe is, is he was rows Alghoul He, was the leader at the time and then yeah discard took over the role as Rozelle Google the only way possible. In. This version of the story that Razzano, Goule is the person in charge not. Not, a specific person. An here's a perfect example of. What do you call it? I don't kill but I'll put everyone like immortal danger and blow up stuff to save one person's life why people may be dying in the background but I won't kill the all these all. So many of these guys are dying. I mean things are exploding they're flying off bridges and. The training you know you fall off the if you fall off those things, you could frigging die and I mean that whole that whole building exploded I mean the whole thing might have just. Whole thing might as well have just blown up off the side of the mountain and crumbled to the crumbled off the side of the cliff that always that always looks so painful. That that yeah. That definitely I get hurts. I'm always like If. You didn't if you didn't dislocate your shoulders both of them, you probably tore both of your pectore. Like just useless. I've ever seen this where the Lebanese part I could tell was in. The quick shot right there. Yeah. I love this line I remember what podcast that was a her mouth movie film where he's like I'll tell him you save his life. Thank you. Who Are you? Tell Him Bruce, saved his life. Like. Like. There is no time wasted in shots like. Here he is walking to Alfred. and. There's Alfred and I I love Michael Cain Alfred. I love Michael Period. Yes. He does. He does a really good job as Alfred. I think one thing is. Casting of Bruce Wayne and Alfred I think always needs to be a very You have to cast them together. I don't think you could cast them almost separate because you need an Alfred and Bruce that have a certain dynamic that work together. I think this Alfred and Bruce has more. Father Son. I feel. The Alfred I'm Bruce Combo that we got on. Gotham was great and it was more father son Or like uncle and son kind of thing I think the VI- we get. From. AFLAC and Irons it's more like. A..

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