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Now, and I think it's time to let you in on a little secret your calls tweets emails really help us get the big picture of what's going on on the area Roadways you often call to thank us for helping you to get where you're going. But really, we should be thanking you for wanting to be a part of what we do. That's the W T O be difference. Traffic on the AIDS 24 73 65 1 Oh 3.5 FM Tell you t o p And w t o p e com It's 7 28 traffic and weather on the H. Jack Tanner on the traffic center Delays in Maryland on the Baltimore Washington Parkway. First, the unusual North found the crash midway between 1 97 1 98 Ways Users have it in the left lane. Stay right to get by South bound. We've got the normal heavy traffic around 1 75 pretty quiet between the Beltway's on 95 to 70. Okay, We've got an often on delays. You leave them in Agassi riding into our banner. There'd been a crash down near the weigh station 34. Vehicles were involved that was moved over onto the right shoulder. There's a little bit of a delay their passing 109, but the rest of the ride south, you're in pretty decent shape. Keeping an eye open, though we may have some activity in the local lanes as you head down toward 28 no word yet topside of the Beltway outer loop, getting a little bit slower New Hampshire toward Georgia, looking good to Prince George's County College Park all the way down toward the Wilson Bridge. There is a new Traffic pattern on the inner loop as you approach Central Avenue exit 15. The lanes split before Central Avenue two lanes get by on each side of the ongoing bridge project into the district D. C to 95 the brake lights approach. Nanny Helen Burrows Avenue South toward East Capitol Street. I to 95 North. Looking good. There is work South on I 2 95 between Suitland Parkway and Malcolm X Avenue. The right lanes blocked through Monday. Freeways quiet, looking good on New York Avenue. Getting heavier, though, is the ride through the lights of Bladensburg Road headed out toward West Virginia. Montana Third Street Tunnel looks good up toward New York Avenue. No delay on the Beltway in Virginia, You're looking good between Alexandria and McClane. 66 is fine Getting out of Gainesville East. 95 was a little crowded North bound is wrote a pinto Woodbridge then again in Newington, 3 90 five's wide open from the Beltway toward the 14th Adam Manassas balls. Ford Road eastbound near business to 34 the left of the two left turn lanes got a broken down dump truck in that far left side Meadows Farms nursery celebrating spring with the flat frenzy sale. Hurry. In this weekend. Get kid 20% off all market packs of summer annuals, Meadows Farms Plant a little happiness. Jack Taylor, deputy T o p traffic and we're checking out our forecast Now. Matt Ritter Hartley Sunny skies Today. Mild highs will be in the upper sixties. The low seventies mostly clear tonight. Cool, uncomfortable lows in the mid forties, a low fifties..

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