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It doesn't go so well because women at least have hair and can put makeup on every day. But when you have have you thought of doing something I onto scared. I'm not brave enough. Because honestly, it's like, you know, there's there's a couple of factors one. I am kind of obsessed with death. I think it's because of my job, maybe because my life started with my mother's Jeff that I think about death allot. I always think something's going to happen. I never get on a plane and think I'm gonna make it and the other side. Yeah. Yeah. I'm kind of doomsday that way. Understand that though that's on. So and I'm too scared because I make my living with my face and with the HDTV now, it'll film every little. Thing shows. I mean, I don't put anything I'm too scared to do anything to my face. It's going to change the way. It's totally going to change the way. Okay. I don't see anybody on TV that shoots. Bo talks. Or does anything that? I don't see. Good. You just see young it doesn't work for the character. Yeah. And you can't out your favorite class to move. And you know, and I think there's. More than anything. There's a psychological component to your have to be okay with aging a little bit. Yes. Greece your fucking mind. If you know, if you're looks are what was pulling your brain together, you're gonna lose them. And you're just going to be a mess. So I think there's something to be said for psychologically being okay with your looks chain at sun easy. But that's not a sale never do anything. You know? I'm really losing my jaw line as we speak. First thing to go. You know, I find intermittent fasting staying off carbs helps that. Oh, I will never say never. But right now, I won't well, I'm gonna go, and then we have to go in a minute. But we were talking about getting older, and that intuition and learning how to cure what the universes sage direction is something that nobody talks about with getting older is your intuitive prowess your ability to read the room, and, you know, get a reading on the landscape. Nobody talks about how well honed that that that tool becomes as you get older. Have you noticed that? Yeah. How smart you are? Hell, aren't you are how can the landscape because you've seen so much? Yeah. Yeah. And you know, how your body your ph balance your body reacts to certain situations. How intuition comes into your life? I'm sure as an actor to that becomes something that you pay attention to and terms of how emotions come up, and how you ride and sort of. Create artistry using your emotions. Yeah. I mean, I'd become so much more confident. There's a lot of focus on aging and how we look, but no one talks about the benefits, which is that. I'm just so worldly worldly worlds, apart more confident than I ever was in my twenties or thirties. I do things now that I would have never done asked people for things that would have never ask for. I know how to come in and handle a situation. I know how to confront someone, you know, peacefully in thoughtfully express how I feel and express. Things in it in an adult way that I that I would have never had the confidence to do before. I have the confidence now to be myself into be truthful into which is something that you don't have when you're young. You don't have you know, they say youth is wasted on the young and. How would it be? We could look like that. No what? No. You know? It's crazy. Well, Ellen Pompeo. Thank you so much for joining us. They're calling us back to the judges table right now. But everyone's going to enjoy hearing you talk about your life and your journey, and we're so proud of you that you have had the courage to do your thing and to be this pillar in a business that is not known for lifting women up here. You are this really successful talented woman who is bringing other women up with you. And it's just really not only is it admirable, but you are known hustling, hustling hero. And we love that Ankara. I love you. Thank you. I love you back until nail next time. Can I get a? You can't love yourself hand, the Haley on somebody else can get the name and don't forget to subscribe on IT. Can't love yourself on the hell you're going to love somebody. A..

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