Terry Downes, Muller, Senator Markey discussed on WBZ Afternoon News


Everything on this. Senior adviser to the president Kellyanne Conway, Mark Remillard, ABC news. Local react. Tonight. Senator Markey says the White House is spinning the Muller report. Senator Warren says attorney general bars acting like the president's personal attorney and Massachusetts congressman Jim McGovern says the report is damning Ted. We know he tried to obstruct this investigation. And I remind people that this is about Russia interfering with our elections, and it's about the Trump team welcoming and in rewarding their help on Terry Downes is the head of the homeland security program at Middlesex calling. There's been no suggestion that he but by any competent investigator that he has committed any crime. There's been a lot of speculation among his political adversaries that may be has. But that's why you have professional prosecutors, and you have grand juries is to separate out speculation. From fact. Go ahead. And and so in in this circumstance. Is been according to the report as I understand it. No collusion has been proven. And this certainly has been no no conclusion by the prosecutors his. Evidence of any conspiracy. Either we're going to have a lot more on this at seven o'clock tonight. Join us for an hour long broadcast, wrapping up the Muller report from seven until eight o'clock. Also a report from Steve Dorsey coming up in just a few minutes here as well. First. Let's get you home at six. Oh, three with traffic.

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