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Reason he put it up too strong was there was contact on the play and there was a little whistle at that not bench jumped up ready to contest of yell about that one for good reason because those bosnian caught on here recently as well but a good find their from that fail coming off the screen and and a nice job i marty securing catch i think going up an absorbing the conduct given with seventy points in the contest dips his knees fires it up and it's good seventy five seventy one sylvie makes this point it's back down to a one possession game you have been dips the needs again fires it up and it's good seventy five 72 likes going to come in for warden word for ballhandling for miami and if you're miami what you wanted to run i was drained mac flocking at the end of it is drive it's the basket to see to get a foul call for ya learnings made his last three shots are there make it a red light 75 miami 72 the other day rehman a to threezone basketball 32 twenty four the respective blocks newt dribbling to his left on over now for walker walker to lawrence seventeen in the shot clock 23 in the game block walker now has it to the left of the shamrock left foul i extended newton moved in around a screen for larence he slips gets back at his feet foulline jumper no good rebound resume do up with good and he gets filed by rudi they got the miss they couldn't get the rebound izudin do all six pete ten inches ever went up and got it and he's going to go to the line now and that's certainly what you give up defensively when you go to.

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