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In Hillsboro night for westbound between Grand Forks Road, Nice, 75. Accident in Tampa on Dale Mabry Highway, So found just of the lab, right and so traffic in town tonight for westbound between 21st and I to 75 John Thomas News Radio. W F L A Temperatures will fall behind showers and thunderstorms. This morning. Most tonight near 48. He had 72 degrees had news radio wofl. A heavy showers and thunderstorms are moving across the bay area at this hour. It's part of a strong cold front that's bringing wind gusts of up to 40 MPH. And there were signs of tornado activity in northern Hillsborough and Southern Pasco County's watch for dangerous road conditions and possible downed power lines. The store will not last all morning inspected be gone about an hour, leaving behind sunny skies this afternoon with cooler temperatures. Lows could drop into the forties overnight. You won't have to figure out how to say all those Greek letters anymore. At least the chances are lower anyway that a hurricane will form after today. This year's hurricane season is one for the record books with 30 named Storms, making it to Iota in the Greek alphabet Thean for the 2005 season with 28 storms, the 13 hurricanes that we had all that Is actually the second highest number of hurricanes on record. Lord, a Weather center meteorologist. Danielle Middle, says the 12 land falling storms was also a record Four storms affected Florida this season with hurricane aid earlier this month, hitting us twice. Are correct. Regus Miami stay informed during hurricane season with W F l A news dot coms Operation Storm Watch brought to you by Morgan Exteriors. Three armed robbery suspects led police and state troopers on a multi county chase that started in Tarpon Springs and ended in a crash and pull county. A woman called 911 Sunday morning, saying she was followed and robbed a gun point You could hear her scream. She runs to the front door. Tarpon Springs Police say one of their officers tried to pull over the fleeing suspects, but they refused to stop. What happened. Next is a police pursuit that went from Penelas through Hillsborough and into Polk County on I 4 49 forecast like yourself. Florida Highway Patrol help Put an end to the pursuit by us 98 near Lake Lyn News generates Justin Checker reports state troopers used a pit maneuver on the vehicle on I four in Lakeland. The state trooper's car was hit in the process, but she was not seriously hurt All three suspects now in custody. Florida, added another 7300 corona virus infections in the last day and nearly 1100. We're here in the Bay Area. 59 deaths were reported statewide with 18 in Tampa Bay. Numbers put Florida near the one million milestone for Corona virus cases. His number's continues of rise. Health experts fear a new surge after holiday gatherings. But U. S Surgeon General Jerome Adams sees hope we're mere weeks away from starting to vaccinate the vulnerable and weaken significantly protect. People who are at risk for this virus, so hang on just a little bit longer. Adam spoke on Fox News Sunday. Fizer and buy on Tech have requested emergency approval of their covert 19 vaccine. More than 18,000, Florida residents.

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