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In the game and the podcast game and we've got Many times We'll talk about memes and stuff or we're talk about stuff on the show that people will make into memes and and one guy in particular that does a lot of graphic stuff he'll send in just random stuff is stephan vassilev and let me take you back to may of twenty twenty so over a year ago. Stephan tweeted this Someone said hey. You should try rock band. Uniforms and i was hooked so coming in. I i bring you the minnesota pearls naming logo unique by yours. Truly thank you blah blah blah. And you know. They're they're prince. Inspired minnesota am uniforms and they're actually pretty cool. I mean i went back and looked at this tweet and i was like oh i liked this tweet. So it's a jd sometimes. Well i'm rarely on twitter. Only when i'm looking for stuff for twenty nine so i thought these are pretty like the looks like that a lot. The minnesota's a famous most famous slightly overrated musicians. I i can't help it. I have to say that princeton overrated didn't say over. I said slightly. Don't get me wrong. He's alleged he's a little bit like to bring people down in.

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