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Bacon in there and also donuts put a little bit about maple syrup in there with the vanilla ice cream and you can just feel your mouth watering as we speak to sports we start nats and phillies up in Williamsport they'll go at seven o tonight 'clock so about four and a half hours so they do the little league classic tonight Trevor Williams on the hill for Washington first place O's will look for the sweep in Oakland as they take on the A's of 4 -7 first pitches Kyle Bradish will get the start elsewhere WNBA mystics hosting Dallas three o 'clock tip Washington at the entertainment sports arena not too bad ten and five record there but some bad news as head coach Eric Tebow on the latest injury for Elena Delle Donne as you try to ramp people back up it's a little unpredictable always what's going to happen and was something that cropped up a little bit but was under control enough obviously to play the ankle was the main concern and then in the game just jarred it a little bit on a kind of a funny stop so just kind of reevaluating and seeing I feel don't yet have a for timetable or anything like that but that is the issue now ankle feels good. And we'll keep you posted again at three o 'clock tip is the six take on Dallas one more time Michael vanilla ice cream bacon and maple syrup freeze it and enjoy. Jay Brooks WTOP sports. Still waiting for some bacon to show up in the newsroom. I know Luke hello. Come on. have What a do staff we out there for they're not cooking us bacon just do 26 of WTOP. A podiatrist will you tell about your feet a physical therapist will analyze your gait a psychologist will help you manage your anxiety but what if your walk affects your hip alignment and the loss of

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