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Game day been quite a week. It has been quite a week. You are not lying my friend. When you say that sued i mean starting like i feel like the rams practice was like two years ago. Dude i mean also do i even live in dallas anymore serious question because i am on emir on the facts myself. I have to say the defects are showing that you haven't been here in a longtime time. I'm pretty sure your sister has spent more time in my place in the last you know million months than i have so fine still buying at keep them kitties. Fed radha keep did kiedis fed. So as you're backed by birthday will allow it. it's fine. I will Birthday don't worry. Obviously obviousness on my calendar and Yeah so besides the fact that meg murry has a birthday. Coming up here Shortly which she'll be turning a very significant age Let's let's not talk about it in bhai significantly mean twenty one plus ten. Yeah it's fine. Everything's fine redo. But we missed talking to you on tuesday after hard knocks aired. We did a livestream. That's going to happen every week on the blog in the boys youtube channel and then goes up as a podcast later on the blog in the boys network but kelsey. I need your thoughts. Yes i through through a lot of mine out there but already know what you're thinking. Okay so here's my first analysis. I need to see zeke. Elliott's christmas tree like oh a hundred percent first and foremost i have to see it. It's a necessity. I desperately just i. Just i just need it. Like i literally could not stop laughing at his rapping job and i was just going through the motions. I was like alright so first of all. This dude does not have a car. Well he might have a car. I don't know that for sure but most guys don't have a car when their training camps except for like the Key special guys occasionally. Would she would count for that. So i cannot confirm or deny i do not know but so most likely what happened is some producer or like some football operations guy had to drive over to target in oxnard and be like i need birthday wrapping paper and just like nevada shit in like drop. It officers room. Zeke was like sawa and that's hey like it's live. Cast it on youtube after we watch. That's what he found his his Instructions actually perfect and have very millennial of him. It was like i tweeted. I tweeted his mom. And i was like we really do. Need to see what the holiday sich is in your house because if anything like what i just witnessed it's it's wonderful in chaotic and i am one thousand percent here for it. Oh yeah. I mean i but i wonder if he actually like is the one that wraps the gifts fertile holidays. Maybe going forward now that he has tried his hand at it that he might feel more confident in the future if his rapping abilities i mean maybe also at the same time though i have to be totally honest with you. I low key pretty. Okay wrapping gifts. Like i worked at the buckle for a hot minute in high school. Anti also worked at nordstrom. But norstrom didn't make you actually physically wrap the gifts that they do that in my sleep anyways every gift from me is gonna come in a bag with tissue paper. So what rahm like. I love you eight expensive if you want to do it like boosy in like it's you know for for some people they look people. Just throw it away like my family was always owes in like. That was the thing that we did. I don't have room. I live in. I don't. I don't have room for saving boasts like i'm sorry. So like just in rapid in a bag like you said and just like because also we also discussed the back like. It's the best juxtaposition like that shitty wrapping job with dollar suitcase. Yeah that is so expensive. Yeah and dave helmand did the math and it's like if you're talking about how much he makes versus how much the gift was. It's like thirty dollars to us out here. It's like well that's cool. Yeah the i feel like someone like what you want it because you wanna you think you can buy or because you wanted for reference because it's literally used it's a used. The bag used is like eight like eight dollars so like just so. We're abundantly clear. I mean as he wants to give me a bag. That'd be yep. I love that for him and speaking of gifts so that was my first observation Love you zeke would died but also the whole like cake fiasco like my man's need some freaking cage in in my girlfriend girlfriend by franklin. Evan evan Oh yeah bar lock. Who actually like helped orchestrate that i it was like you like she got like fedex deliberate which their partner the cowboys they listen as you guys know. The cowboys are sponsored to tease. So like congrats to them on that but that was actually as someone who works in sponsorship. That was a really good sponsorship like plot employees And i abbreviated it early. So kudos on that but You know. I just feel like we needed more cake for the entire team. Quite obviously we needed cake. That wasn't gonna go in his face. And i'm hoping managed to Hook people at. Maybe cupcakes would be more friendly. Who knows fair paroling. I hope. I hope they all got Something sweet for expert data they all deserve it But i think you know my my main to real true like football takeaways. Were i love. Dan quinn and like daddy. Dan baby daddy. Dan is every thing. I he is everything i didn't know i needed and I just honestly. He's he's incredible like he's literally. I see why these players are bought in. I totally do like he. Just he gets it and it's it's a shame for him that he didn't have more success as a head coach because i can totally see in just a short time. We've had him around the qualities in leadership that he brings to the table that makes guys want to go to battle for him. And i think that matters more than we may give it credit to and so i'm pumped to have him on the team. Oh yeah me too. I'm really looking forward to hopefully seeing more about him and the defense despite. Hopefully maybe this coming episode fingers crossed. Now i like obviously people wanna talk about like dak in the offense in like all those players. But you can't early like even just mike as a rookie. I know he's on the defense but Just to get this is gonna be one of the things that i'm like we've been talking about. We're looking at this closely every practice like how is this defense going to look up and i'd like to have a little better peek behind the curtain and we will actually talk about that and a because i have a free of some of the things that we're looking forward to in the game tonight. I guess it is but My last observation before we dive into that a little more because we have a lot to talk about the.

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