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Welcome to body cards a collection of conversations about buddies. I'm molly forbes brewed kosdaq campaigner and body image influence. There are not story writer <hes> training counselor and psychology geek. I they it <music> welcome. We are now on episode five of season two but you know the good thing we're not halfway through the season because season two is a longer media more substantial wider buying a story to help so we are speaking this three two one of body positivity is most well known activists. He's working really hard to change the narrative for man steve blaine aka bo poboy. Hey if you follow him on instagram. You're already be aware that he is a real champion. He's a real voice for body image mental health l._g._b._t._q. G._b. q. plus acceptance. He's doing some really good stephens or just a really really lovely person such a lush worse than i. I love him as we talked about an episode to with ben and dan from naked beach. We know that body image issues don't just affect women and it's not just this fluffy subject consigned to females is definitely something that affects all of us and we really kind of get into it with stevie. We we talk about toxic masculinity and his own story. It's just a really great lessons that keep listening that <music> non aqa believe that we're in summer holidays. We're full bikini any season. Do you know the thing that i've notice recently this summer. I mean i keep imagining i keep looking back. I don't know if it's because my youngest is going to school in september. She's going to be five in october and i think carpet on a real roller coaster over the last five years or say with identity and being a mom and say much if that has been tied into how i felt about my body and this summer particularly the f._b._i. Looking back to four some of the guy when we went on our first family holiday as a family of four and we went to france and it was our first family holiday abroad <hes> f- he was a baby she was only ten months old and that summer a peak of not feeling good about myself love and feeling quite low in my confidence and you wouldn't really know it from the outside. It was all internal stuff was going through but i remember sitting by the swimming pool in france hymns bullying hall and i was sweating multi-layered swim see what are they shape. One's whole nolan had like two or three really pretty thick layers. It was like wearing a corset and i told myself before going away that now is a moment to i shouldn't wear bikini into take my old bikini the hardware my first born was with the baby and gone who they with her that was no longer prime clear to me and i i was stressed about having not lost the baby weight and actually now i've had time with latam piccolo staff. I think a lot of it with me <music> as we talk about so often on this foot cost me taking all the feelings. I'm blaming it on my body and also i think ready when i used to say to myself what i just need to feel like me again. If i lose the way i feel like megan ashley i needed was it wasn't about toning up losing weight or changing shape because the is that actually my shape haven't really changed. It was really about having a good night's sleep and having some time to myself to you do some yoga rita berko. I had all these. I had all these things needed of me looking to other people and i didn't have any time for myself and and when i felt i needed to fill at myself again. I thought the answer to that was to get my old body which ironically i'm really loved batman anyway. Ania and it's been really interesting this summer. I just keep having flashbacks and remembering becomes yeah 'cause i was percents. Percents just don't feel like two largest been as a. I haven't been naked on the beaches. Some of the bikini and you've got a new list what to be naked. Well have done that day. Does he saw naked. I've already noticed something this year as well and i noticed this a few weeks part when it got really really hot morning hot day..

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