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On the counter and the catches came over while i'm doing the dishes and guess what they can't did it on the phone and rocket right into the water well what do you do i will tell your listeners the biggest thing that you have to do is not turn your cell phone on to see if it still works because when you enter water into it electron device and you have power no matter if it's just a small amount or power you can fry the circuit so that having no knowing that ahead of time the only thing i could do was at the time add a battery that was uh was the foam that you could remove the battery took it out and then just pointed into a uh a bag of rice and i left is there for almost a month like i say thank goodness i had a second cell phone that i could utilized and so uh the trick really work because i did not put power on it immediately and was able to draw the moisture out uh i got the cell phone i again about a month later and it seemed to operate uh okay so acquired by the shows about i mean to shows about to get interesting would you like to guests the mystery sound and win the cashcall jackpot well okay cure i had one more in a mystery of a cellphone butchered we can go ahead and do that appreciate that thank you what is that mystery so to turn to throw me coley but some certain collating machine no peter that how do you like your pizza by the way peter monet it's not all of them i actually like the new yorkstyle pizza and the not over what do you want on what what are you want on it sausage got it victor in valley forge your on sterling on sunday at eight eight eight six a europe with ual take your particular micro um the uh go back to the root i have it at long around a cellphone but lesser ducts look like at its worst a biron a cheap used car you're know you can't take it back over at your money.

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