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Showcase our great city if it's gonna be a lot of fun for everyone that's amazing no party renovation also is the addition of a statue of sandy Koufax now you and I talked in the past right I can even see a response already we've talked in the past about the tradition of the Dodgers I know the reference in the love you have for it when you get a chance to think about the history of the team and guys like sandy do you still get goose bumps I get goose bumps every time I hear that name or let alone when I when I had him come into my office and share a glass of red wine with them and this guy as you all know roaming is soul humble wants to be in the shadow in the background and there's no background when you've got a statue well deserved that you coming of yourself in front of Dodger Stadium next to Jackie Robinson and there's NO two better people that represent our great organizations so I can't wait to be there for that and they'll give us out like I mean you've been with the best you've played with the best you've gone up against the best you manage some of the best but there's nobody like sandy and that kind of it like what's it like to have a glass of red wine in your office with sandy when you guys talk about it's like it's royalty and I say that and and I mean it in the best possible way and I know said you would hate me for even saying that but it's like I've never met present a United States but it's like you just feel like you're around loyalty and you have to act in a certain way when you're out there to go because there's just he's a good lookin these just hasn't age at all and just what he's done there's justice or about a man like you we've all been around great celebrity people that are iconic but steady Colfax there's this kind of this untouchable type feeling that you get with sandy and there's this or which I just love and I eat up and I get nervous every time I'm around and I would imagine talking about right now Dave like I like I get this I have not spent a lot of time but I think my someone a golf course once sandy's got that that impossible it that you don't know how to describe it but you know when you see it and it's not a Dodger thing either right the man just exudes unbelievable class do you know what you said it it's class that's right Jay Robb is my guest they won my side you you've got the trade deadline coming up is when asked about that really quickly I know you're focused on your job of getting a win tonight well what's the next week like for you as a manager and for your guys I think if you're keeping the focus Romy on just when a baseball games because I think that you know you always find you better I think that we're all trying to get better and and we can see you haven't gentlemen just trying to do that the thing is though is that for every position that you have you're gonna lose somebody and I think that a lot of times place in the club house you know you don't understand that and you really got to get it right because there's a lot that goes into team chemistry on the field off the field what makes your club better but obviously the narrative that opened so I thought I can't do this morning it and you know he's grinding and he's gonna do anything he can to make our club better the Dodgers had the best record in baseball they get out again try to guess the angels which is always a blast Dave Roberts my guest if you are the absolute best is so great to have you back thank you very much for doing it alright well we will see you through get out to the ballpark you got my man Dave Roberts.

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