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All Right Gentlemen. We have here a returning guests man. We had them on just last season man. Cool as dude. He was on the episode. I believe eighty eight vanilla whites listening to that so We've got very funny. Comedian good friend of the show. Dan Weiss my friend. How are you doing good mixture? Full time paramedic. That of course suspend lethally. I mean it's kicking our asses in some sort of level right. How are you taking? I'm taking it pretty well. I mean granted everyday like ground. The movie Groundhog Day. I keep losing track of what day of the fucking week. It is like at a curiosity. What do you think it is? Well I only know because you told me but if you but if not for that I would have probably thought it was like Saturday or Sunday. You know that happened to me. Initially initially I was losing track of what day was in by the time I hit that point. I got real scared I was like. I gotta find out. I gotTa build a routine or something. Because I'M GONNA I'M GONNA lose my shit knowing that I am about to forget what eighties I no in the other bad part about it. I'm sure most of US Scott. Pretty fat during the full thing. I mean considering snow parks or should open. Well you know some people in in regards to that topic man. I've seen people and the league in a different way. I've actually seen people be a little more proactive. On that regard people have lost weight. I think for those that are bigger. They've chosen the route of losing weight. Where the ones that weren't big just chose Arado gaining weight. You know what I mean like in them for some. It just didn't matter to gain the weight I felt like shedded pounds bit. You know I feel that my my dietary habits of change one because the pockets ears aid you know that's true our.

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