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The new york conversation live from npr news in washington i'm janine herbs china says the us has ignited the largest trade war and economic history npr's jim zarroli reports that comments came after the us made good on its threats to slap tariffs on thirty four billion dollars worth of chinese imports in a blistering letter from the ministry of commerce china's said the us tariffs violate world trade organization rules it also said they pose a grave threat to the security of global industry and to value chains the trump administration is imposed tariffs on a range of imported machinery and industrial components beijing retaliated with tariffs on us goods such as electric vehicles and on agricultural products like soybeans the trump administration has said it's ready to step up the pressure on china with even more tariffs and beijing in turn has threatened to make life difficult for us companies doing business in the country jim zarroli npr news new york diplomats from iran and five world powers met in vienna today discussing the steps necessary to preserve the nuclear deal with tehran following the withdrawal of the united states you foreign policy chief frederica marini says the diplomats reaffirmed their commitment to the two thousand fifteen deal known as the joint comprehensive plan of action or jcp oa the participants recognised that in return for the inflammation by iran of its nuclear related commitments the lifting of sanctions including the economic dividends arising from it constitutes an essential part of the the jcp away is meant to stop iran from developing nuclear weapons the president trump pulled the us out of the deal saying he felt it wasn't strong enough altria was higher by the closing bell the dow up ninety nine points the nasdaq one hundred one the s and p five hundred up twenty three points you're listening to npr news from washington and.

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