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Show concepts they believe will help the nation heal its divisions. After a day of celebration, they say the work begins. Katy Perry, John Legend and Bruce Springsteen gave live performances outside the Lincoln Memorial in D. C. Justin Timberlake performed live from his home town of Memphis and Tim McGraw appear from Nashville. We're also performances by Foo Fighters Demi Lovato, Lin Manuel Miranda and Latin trap singer Ozuna. Meanwhile, President Biden's presidential 10 was used on his first day on the job. President Biden wasting no time getting down to work, signing more than a dozen executive orders ranging from climate change to mask wearing unveiling a sweeping immigration reform bill. It's called the U. S. Citizenship Act, and it aims to modernize the immigration system. That Bill's main priority is to responsibly manage the border while keeping families together. President Biden is taking a step to keep his promise of being an advocate for the LGBTQ community. Just hours into its administration. The bite and White House website started allowing users to choose their pronounce. The website contact form now allows individuals to select from a list that includes she heard he him they them other or prefer not to share. The website changes are part of Biden's push for a more inclusive administration. Local leaders are hopeful the new administration will have a sense of urgency when it comes to distribution of the covert vaccine area Hospitals Mayor Ron Nirenberg says hearing President Biden talk about the pandemic is a top priority is a breath of fresh air. The words that are being said, are that this getting this pandemic under control is gonna be the administration's number one priority. We have not heard that before. And so hopefully to put the money where their mouth is A county Judge Nelson Wolff says the new president will need to ramp up production of the vaccine so the federal government can allocate more of it to cities across the nation and his farewell speech, former President Donald Trump said he'll be back in some form. He's reportedly planning to start his own political party in Texas A and M professor Jennifer Murcia, says there are parallels with Teddy Roosevelt and his bull Moose party evil in that campaign on the strength of the fact that people just really still Wanted him to be president, you know, so they were really should have a third party money. But she says it will be hard, especially with his banishment from Twitter and Facebook, the author of several books on the Trump presidency, says he will not have access to the GOP mailing list that he has used for campaigning. Margo Moreno, NewsRadio 1200 W O. A. I San Antonio police officers accused of accepting a bribe related to a domestic violence case for which he'd already been arrested. Earlier officers arrested Erick Rodriguez Wednesday on a charge of bribery. Rodriguez was arrested last week for reportedly giving information to a domestic violence suspect. A detective reportedly found that Rodriguez had given the info to the suspect in exchange for money. Rodriguez is a 14 year. Veteran of the SFPD City Officials in the San Antonio Police Officers Association will meet next month to start negotiating the next police union contract. During Wednesday's City Council meeting. City staff said the city's priorities will focus on changes to police officer discipline. City manager Eric Walsh said the city will seek reforms to the disciplinarian arbitration processes as well as the establishment. Performance evaluations. The talks were supposed to start this month for the first meeting has been delayed until February, 12 all governor Abbotts, hosting a roundtable discussion on public safety reforms. He's pushing the state Legislature to approve the session in rabbits expected to try and build support for his plans to stop cities and counties from making sweeping changes to law enforcement. They include the funding cities that to fund the police, eliminating an exhibition powers of cities. That the fund of police and I have also announced proposals to protect law enforcement officers who are involved in responding to riots that includes mandatory six months jail time for anyone who strikes an officer.

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