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This year you know telling people like i'm onto the next one and quin snyder is such a great coach it quinn's got such an expansive offense of mind and is creative and you know has always done he did it with gordon hayward really found a way to build an offense are on gordon and talk to coaches in the league in people who at the game plan and quinn's name is the one that always comes up about just great respect among his peers and you just feel like that's a great match for him to an end as you know so much of it with a rookie is just good fortune of getting in the right place in the right organisation to see a guy flourish there is no doubt about it and you i think mitchell with proven that you don't want to take anything away from his town and improving that he's made but being in the right situation in great for him jason tatum is another guy that had some real question marks going through the drafi shot too many pull up jumper is too many long 2s he wasn't a great passer you was in different times fence of li you know they played him at the four in the nba but he really wanted to be a two and there was a you know some some real kind of back and forth they're out and between scouts on what kind of you know nba player he's gonna be and in other than ben simmons and probably donahue mitchell he's got to be right there in the mix for for rookie of the year right now and and i think a lot of that has to do with his town but just as much has to do with uh with brad stevens and boston celtics and and being elino being able to play alongside guys like al horford kyrghiz or having an i mean that i think when you look at okay wise lonzo ball struggling wire you know why are some other guys not playing as well as we thought they would you know going into the draft i mean some of you have to look at their situation too.

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