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The mill eight twenty pound brass cannon across the river started being fired at the barges noble. Those barges really got us. They really got screwed. Yeah, the about shooting at him. Fuck. I all down. Tugboats circling back again. In Pittsburgh, thousands of steelworkers prepared to head to homestead to help at eight AM the picker tins tried to get off the barges, which just lead to more shooting the pinger to sure. Yeah, you can't leave. They also try to shoot their way out and they killed four strikers. But now the pinger pinger started jumping off the barge and trying to swim away. Oh my God, not good. I mean, this really screwed them. It has, but I love the Pinkerton getting shot on jumping on the river. It is good, but if you're Pinkerton. Yeah, yeah, it's Pinkerton. But who gives a fuck of your Pinkerton? Did they wear pink. Yeah, they had pink shirts. They did have pink shirts. Are you lying to me. You're lying because I'm picturing like pig security guards like candy, cane security, their address all in pink. No, they were naked. As the bowel ridged on the union was trying to end it and ask the sheriff to request a meeting with Henry Frick. So in the middle of all the shooting and killing, they're like, can we get a fucking meeting to end this and Henry Frick was like, no cool guy. This is. He knew things got worse. The governor would send in the militia, and if the militia came, the strike would be good. No, yeah, ten fifty am the tug returned to get the barges. Good news, bad news. How have you guys been? What are you talking about how we been? We've been getting shot out here like frogs since you didn't ask Larry's. Fine. I don't care. He looked fine. When you ditched does he went to the doctor and got a bandage and I don't care. This is why we left. This is exactly it's this attitude that's not great. Tie yourself to us now. Tugboat. No. Why did you come back to gloat you little asshole, say hi, see if you're adding to the chain, you still have a very bad attitude. Okay. Remind me of girl who had a pin. That's what you're like. Pin girl. Going to kill you boat captain. You You have have to to get get, you. you have up the Barch. So you are such a sassy little captain. I am going to strangle you when I get off here. Do you understand me? Sure. Okay. Oh my God. If you fucking come back here. I just comes back, everyone shoots back at the tug and the tugboats like, okay, I'm now we're leaving. Again. I just took off now. That's not worth it. We can say we tried, we can say, we tried and didn't happen. It's like idea of smokey. You turns on the water out God, he is unbelievable. Later. Where's he going just away. Love to get an update. So now the strikers were up on high ground. They had three hundred rifles and they were just shooting at the barges. Okay, they kill the Pinkerton around noon. Then the strikers decided to light the barges on fire. Clearly this audience is pig. Side of the strikers. The side of the tugboat which is a small sect, but I found a little niche for myself. I'm pro tugboat. So the strikers sent a raft covered in oil soaked timber. Oh, my God helps on the way, but they're on fire. There's no help. That's what. They set it on fire and push toward the barges. The pinger free..

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