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Hello welcome to stories podcast i'm your host amanda weldon today where rereleasing a fall time story called why the leaves change color this story comes from the native american oral tradition of the holding a schone who some people call the era coy about a year ago dan interviewed the great mohawk storyteller ko lon to get all the details right and be sure that our adaptation would capture the original spirit of this story in culture and represent them faithfully and respectfully hear some of what we learned the hodan a schoeney is a united nations consisting of several separate nations the first five nations were the mohawk the oneida the own endaugust the kyw yoga and the seneca the task aurora joined the other five in the seventeen hundreds so today there is a total of six nations within the united nation of the in a schone the word hodan a schone translates to people who builds the longhouse or the people of the longhouse this name speaks to the unity among the six nations of the holding a schone if you are interested in learning more you should do some research into the rich history and stories of the hood in a schone we'll be back with a new story next week anyone who's ever try to teach a kid anything knows that children learn best when they are having fun and exploring what they love is your kid obsessed with dinosaurs princesses ocean syamsir archaeology what if you could kraft a personalized learning pathway that starts with their favorite interests and just right reading skills to serve up stories and games along the way to motivate learning now you can.

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