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Vehicles. It's just a Sony challenges with the bottle that unless you find the smocked economic model? Run a fleet of electric vehicles. You'RE NOT GONNA be able to have a EV's as the family motor shape transport, and really that is what I talk about some deal in that it. No absolutely unlikely said I. Don't want I. Don't want to do any spoilers from the episode and every listener who's listening to those right now to at checkout Mr Martin podcast right after this one last question from that episode as You talk about how the future of eady's is generally the trajectory. Right especially here in India. And you dr a bit of you. Being. Called battery swapping a good, you just spend like Denver fifteen seconds walking through. What exactly that is why it's beneficial. I think in order to essentially. Sort of your chain. reframe the way you think acres in your mind you've just got to. Separate the vehicle from the. All. Debate needs road ables. Now from the dawn of. The the the motor Gar. We have fitted electric. Fitted tanks into the car which we fill up with a petrol gasoline diesel. Fuel it is. And that all is done combustion engine, which moves the bow for one or the other with me run of federal. We go to the federal about we finished up again and then we keep moving. We built the electric bay. We essentially used the same mental model, which is that wave fitted batteries into the car, and then whenever we've added a battery will and Josh it. The other problem is I'm like a petrol, which you've been just a Filipina tank, and in five minutes or less. It takes even with the fastest fos judging solution at least in our discharge evacuated, and usually you're require. These five. Wait uh-huh to charge a battery. In given what they used to just accept. Of people so the battery swapping idea essentially means that you know when you have of our rather than Josh. Eventually a you'll essentially wouldn't be all batteries out, but a new mattress. This is something that stories. Or these gadgets if we Habra. you actually ever thought by that available. Because obviously it's it's. It's a much larger respect willing to a bedroom The gas station attendant just owns the backbone of your. And wishes of. Food Been Dan back in that. Replace, a, in dire banks are headed so correct, but the other example that I give to make this a little more valuable as before the in Donald question engine. We had all scattered. and when you want do. Drive a horse cottage across the country essentially what it would do is, you would have a venue stations where. You would have horses rested of fully fit waiting for you and you drive. Into that station swap audio host the Diet Horse. That has just written or the night. And swap that out of the new. Houses that are fish any ride. Those horses on so look. We've we've. We've had many mental models by which be designed. Remorse When we switched from the hostage to the The the best engine We essentially the horse into the gardens and fixed it there and we found a way to feed the GOP. If instead we. Just swapped it out. In the way that began with batteries it will be a completely different mental model, and that probably is the most useful mental models for this, so that is. The way I describe a battery swapping it's it feels unreal, because we're so used to thinking of Oslo particularly, but actually it's different from You know with with your watch. Your conscious is out of touch just. A more. Needed Muller. Control the or something like that exactly. I think the biggest was on the COOLEST WAY AS I. Just as general conversation with you is. How so much can be you know? At least dented do like started getting saw if we shift our leads obeyed if we just changed the way we abroad, a lot of these things I think that is of unity coup perspective to keep in mind so just one last question before we wrap this. What's amazing? Is Offer, both out Indian as well as non Indian listeners. Everyone I think is aware today in geopolitics that India is the sleeping bag on waiting to become that big stakeholder. Vicks and we are. We are getting in some sense. Would you think the three areas that we collectively as a country should be focusing on in order to unlock our true potential unlock are do future. Look I. Don't know if I make it to three, but let me tell you. What I think is really important, I think. You know what a huge untapped potential! In that Much off. The GDP of in too much of the GDP this on synthetic I up. and to find ways in which we can be used on. ways in which we can leverage. Able across the stack I think a lot of the platform technologies that we've been billions. Country other, which is the identity of black. You'll be able to the payment platform an all the the various platforms coming up. have tremendous ability to unlock the potential that is our. Hidden away outside of lead night so I think that sort of the the first key that I think. we're really focused on. I, as you can imagine, I have A. Huge. Dining allergy and so one of the things. that. I think we certainly should should trying to achieve. It's easiest at the done. A is to actually use data to leapfrog boss. Generations are so. We've done it in many occasions. In the past of most notably we leapfrogged landline telephone connections all the way to to pull violet. So you're China India short rest the word that. This is what it is like to be a first division of this huge automatic. On with..

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