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W News radio applications have been suspended while the department reviews a substantial amount. It's collected a family of four earning less than $118,000 a year or an individual making less than $57,000 qualifies for the plan receiving assistance to pay any overdue. And upcoming rent or mortgage payment from March through the end of this year. Under the plan, applications for the $12 Million program were being accepted through mid December or until funding was exhausted right now it's unclear win the program will restart Kimberly Adams K Y. W News radio. A moratorium on evictions in Philadelphia expired back in August. City Council had been debating a plan to keep going to the end of the year. But now the plans in trouble and evictions could actually resume in a couple of weeks. Tales from K Y W. City Hall bureau chief Pat Lobe, the vixen moratorium was part of a package of Bill's called the Emergency Housing Protection Act that included late fee waivers in longer repayment terms. It passed unanimously in the spring. But now councilmember Alan Dom says he wants the ban on evictions to apply on Ly two people with covert related hardships. I think all three bills you're good We just want them to be related to the covert pandemic sponsor, Helen Gim says. That undermines the public health goal of the bill, which is to prevent the spread that occurs when people are forced to move on. Now, caseloads are hitting another high. The court's resume processing evictions when the moratorium expired. And as soon as November 8th some 2000 households could be locked out households that failed to qualify for the CDC moratorium and would not be protected of Dom's Amendment Passes. Co sponsor Kendra Brooks says thinking of the potential consequences keeps her up at night. Years from now we'll act so why not do more during the greatest public health economic crisis in our lifetimes? Pat Lobe y w News radio your next traffic update three minutes away. It's 10 39. As your routine evolves depend on K Y w news radio to keep you connected to what matters most is so good. Juicy flavors. Just wait. Taste Sitges Vice, sweet, healthy other apples. Sweet apples. Apple so good. They make my eyes on the stock market crash in history that they would trust in court. There being a study that leads through this election process element important, it's you. You're working in a commission medical Works so much I'm going to have to speed things up. You.

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