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At every single hospital in the state. California says all ICU beds will be taken likely by Christmas. And here in Massachusetts, a field hospital in Worcester is being set up for use later this week. The numbers, however, can be deceiving. And health officials and Massachusetts say the Daily Cove in case count likely is and it's all because of the Thanksgiving holiday. It appears Massachusetts residents were busy watching football and hanging out with the family over the Thanksgiving weekend. Not many were getting tested for the virus, at least compared to some of the numbers. We've seen. This latest update from the state Department of Public Health shows results from only around 29,000 tests. They show 1166 new covert cases, but hospitalizations didn't take a holiday. That number continues to climb above 1000 with 1174 covert patients in hospitals across the Commonwealth, 244 in the ICU with ICU beds at about 50% capacity now Over. 25 deaths reported among confirmed cases, bringing that number to 10,512 Carl Steven stop BBC Boston's news radio possible covert vaccine could be approved by the FDA and just a couple of weeks, Fizer has already shipped millions of doses. And Cambridge Biotech. Moderna is next in line, the CDC gets to formally decide who will get the shot. First debate begins today, but the pressure is on now. ABC News correspondent Mona Co star Abdi tells US medical workers in hospitals or certainly feeling the heat in Rhode Island Field hospitals begin admitting patients this week because every hospital in the state is now full. I'm very disappointed that we've come to this place in California, the governor is considering new stayed home orders. Prevent hospitals from getting overwhelmed by Christmas outside New York City. More than 200 nurses plan to go on strike today, demanding more staff.

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