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Reminds me that his TBT. Indeed, it is a special one for you a good one for you in Super Bowl related. It will tell you about it coming up at nine o'clock right here on ESPN one thousand Doug Glanville will be with us. We have Douglasville all now on January thirty first because we won't be able to find him in April. So we're gonna talk to him now because they're man is busy. He's writing books. He's got family. He's on NBC sports, Chicago. So we're taking care the peacock tonight with our guest list. So Doug is going to be with us Guinean starts because they're still hot stove got nine thirty because they're still we still don't know what's happening with Harper Machado. There is some insight though, about the Harper side of things we'll get into that. With Douglasville coming up at nine thirty points off your thoughts as well. Three one two three three two ESPN is our phone number as we told you yesterday check on a loved one today because we know say that he had a great Thursday. But some of you did not based on the weather that's out here. And for those of you listening to us because for some. People. This is your your drive time show out west for those. You're listening California. And we go we have listeners in Nevada and in Oregon and the Pacific time zone. Yeah. It's as bad as you think. But you know, what we're okay, we're hanging in there. And we hope that if nothing else for those of you in the midwest, just text or call level and make sure that they're ok during this very difficult time because it is tough. But we're making it we're all right? Heartbeat. And we're going to entertain you here for the next three hours here on ESPN one thousand ESPN app. So we got a lot of stuff here. And there's a lot of moving parts because we didn't know we know the Super Bowl is the number one story, right? But what about the Super Bowl? So we got that. We got some other things going on the NBA. We'll get to this half hour into Kendall Gill at seven thirty. Okay. So on my sheet on my guess, she I see here. Is there a lack of buzz for the Super Bowl? Why Pat fatigue Rams don't belong? That's like one to four thing on my topics sheet here tonight. It's to start thinking about this. Right. I start thinking about is there a lack of buzz for the Super Bowl, and I will tell you know, I don't think there's a lack of buzz for the Super Bowl..

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